Meet Robby Blanchard: ClickBank’s Top Affiliate Marketer [2024]

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Ever wondered who’s truly dominating the affiliate marketing scene on ClickBank?

Meet Robby Blanchard, a name that’s become synonymous with success in the digital marketing world. Starting from a fitness background, Robby leveraged his skills in Facebook Ads to skyrocket to the top of ClickBank’s leaderboard.

But what’s the real story behind this top affiliate? It’s not just about winning sales contests; it’s about a journey from gym owner to affiliate marketing superstar.

Keep reading to uncover the strategies and insights that propelled Robby Blanchard to the pinnacle of ClickBank fame.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

In the world of affiliate marketing, the name Robby Blanchard is synonymous with success.

His unique path to becoming ClickBank’s #1 super affiliate worldwide has made him legendary among online marketers.

For any affiliate marketer, Robby’s story is a blueprint worth following.

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Robby Blanchard’s Back Story

Hailing from small-town Massachusetts, Robby Blanchard took an unconventional path to becoming ClickBank’s top affiliate. His early passion for health and fitness steered him to earn a degree in exercise science from Fitchburg State University.

Armed with specialized knowledge, Robby founded a gym called CrossFit Reach which he quickly built into a thriving local business.

Marketing the gym on Facebook allowed Robby to harness the power of digital advertising.

Seeing immense earning potential online, he pivoted fully into affiliate marketing.

Drawing on his fitness marketing insights, Robby meticulously honed his skills and skyrocketed up the ClickBank rankings as a result of this relentless drive.

What Is Commission Hero?

Unlike many gurus, Robby is eager to share exactly what took him to the top.

Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard’s flagship affiliate marketing training program. It condenses the exact strategies he utilized to become the #1 ClickBank affiliate into a step-by-step system.

The course provides over-the-shoulder videos revealing his affiliate marketing game plan. Students gain access to Robby’s proven funnels, high-converting offers, and vendor connections.

Commission Hero aims to guide beginner affiliates to replicate Robby’s success by following in his footsteps.

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Commission Hero offers an easy-to-follow blueprint for aspiring affiliate marketers

How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero teaches a straightforward 3-step system for generating affiliate commissions:

First, identify high-converting offers on networks like ClickBank with large affiliate payouts. Robby provides market research to pinpoint today’s most profitable niches and products.

Next, run Facebook ads that target those offers to laser-focused buyer audiences. Robby’s 8-week masterclass reveals his process for crafting high-converting campaigns even with a small budget.

Finally, scale your earnings by optimizing based on data. Robby’s exclusive software tracks key metrics so you can tweak them for maximum profits.

With consistent daily effort, Robby claims his system can reliably produce $1,000 in daily ClickBank commissions without needing a website. The course also promises beginners can succeed without prior experience or a huge ad budget.

By learning directly from the #1 ClickBank affiliate, students get insider access to Robby’s battle-tested process. Commission Hero aims to shortcut years of trial and error by revealing the exact affiliate formula Robby used to rise to the top.

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

In the oversaturated online space, skepticism towards courses like Commission Hero is understandable. Feedback is mixed, with some praising Robby’s tactics while others are disappointed.

Ultimately, as with any program, your success comes down to committing to learning and applying the strategies diligently. Affiliate riches don’t happen overnight – it requires immense effort over time to see results.

At $997, Commission Hero is no get-rich-quick scheme. The price tag signals its comprehensive nature for serious students ready to invest substantially in their education.

Robby himself did not achieve #1 affiliate status quickly or easily either. But for those willing to replicate his proven work ethic, Commission Hero aims to accelerate success dramatically compared to figuring things out alone.

While not a miracle cure, Robby’s real-world methods have propelled many to 5 and 6-figure months. Approached rationally and diligently, Commission Hero has tremendous value for burgeoning affiliates. The input you give will directly impact the output you can expect.

Pros and Cons of Commission Hero

Evaluating any online business course means weighing potential rewards against possible risks. With a price tag nearing $1000, Commission Hero represents a major investment – both in dollars and in the effort required to implement the training.

Before joining, it’s wise to analyze the pros and cons to determine if Robby Blanchard’s program suits your goals and work ethic.


  • Get over-the-shoulder training from ClickBank’s #1 affiliate, Robby Blanchard
  • Step-by-step blueprint to follow that’s worked for Robby himself
  • Strategies can shortcut typical affiliate marketing trial and error
  • Software and tools provided to streamline processes
  • Community access for support and accountability


  • The $997 price tag is a substantial upfront investment
  • Advertised income potential not guaranteed
  • Requires dedication and effort over an extended period
  • Some complaints about lack of support
  • Strategies may need adaptation as markets shift

Ultimately, Commission Hero arms you with Robby’s affiliate playbook that’s propelled many to 5-6 figures monthly.

Expect a significant learning curve, but with diligence in applying the training, major success is attainable.

What is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum is Robby Blanchard’s newest affiliate marketing training course.

As the follow-up to Commission Hero, it distills Robby’s latest tactics in a step-by-step blueprint.

The core training guides students through finding untapped niches, building assets to attract affiliates, and scaling to 5-figures per month.

Members also get access to live weekly coaching calls with Robby himself.

Project Platinum aims to condense Robby’s proven formula so intermediate marketers can advance to the next level.

project platinum checkout
Project Platinum isn’t cheap…but it’s one of the best affiliate courses on the market

How Does Project Platinum Work?

Project Platinum works by revealing Robby’s latest winning affiliate strategies in a tightly focused 6-week training.

Students learn to drive commissions by mastering organic, paid, and affiliate traffic methods.

The core curriculum guides you through the following:

  • Pinpointing untapped niche markets ripe for profits
  • Creating lead magnet assets to attract affiliates
  • Running automated ad campaigns with AI technology
  • Optimizing funnels for high conversions
  • Scaling earnings to 5-figures per month

Robby’s over-the-shoulder training aims to condense years of experience into high-impact lessons. He shares up-to-date tactics on leveraging platforms like Facebook to promote offers.

The roadmap also provides a blueprint for reaching ClickBank Platinum status – a milestone achieved by earning at least $250k in a year on ClickBank.

With persistent application of Robby’s formula, he claims it’s possible for dedicated members.

For intermediate affiliates seeking to push past plateaus, Project Platinum delivers an accelerated route by learning from the master affiliate himself.

Is Project Platinum a Scam?

There’s no shortage of shady get-rich-quick online programs, so skepticism of Project Platinum is understandable. But Robby Blanchard’s reputation and commitment to delivering real value set it apart.

The level of detail and effort invested indicates this is far from a fly-by-night scam.

As Clickbank’s #1 affiliate, Robby has demonstrated credible success in teaching his methods to students. Numerous past members of Commission Hero report breakthrough results from applying his training.

Additionally, Project Platinum incorporates innovative AI technology and up-to-date tactics that reflect the leading edge of affiliate marketing.

While no training can guarantee success without individual effort, Project Platinum arms intermediates affiliate marketers with expert wisdom that works. Of course, apply sensible judgment, but for those serious about ascending to the next level, Robby’s program warrants consideration.

With realistic expectations about the commitment required, Project Platinum has tremendous potential to shorten your path to super affiliate status.

Pros and Cons of Project Platinum

Deciding whether a nearly $2500 affiliate marketing course is worthwhile means carefully analyzing what you stand to gain versus the costs.

Before enrolling, weigh the pros and cons to gauge if Robby Blanchard’s training aligns with your financial capacity, skill level, and work ethic.


  • Immediate opportunities to promote profitable offers
  • No technical skills required to get started
  • Step-by-step training from an industry authority
  • AI automation handles heavy lifting as you scale
  • Blueprint provided to reach a 5-figure monthly income


  • The $2497 price tag is a substantial investment
  • Payment plans still require a significant commitment
  • Not for beginners lacking affiliate marketing basics
  • No guarantee of success without dedication
  • Requires minimum 6 months commitment to see results

While Project Platinum promises the potential for 5-figure monthly earnings, you must realize this requires a great deal of work on your part.

Ensure this level of commitment suits your situation before joining.

While not a shortcut to passive profits, for strategic work ethic, Robby’s program can tremendously accelerate your progress.

Is Robby Blanchard Indeed a Super Affiliate?

When someone claims to top affiliate marketing charts, healthy skepticism is expected. But Robby Blanchard has the results to back it up.

ClickBank unambiguously recognizes Robby as one of their highest-grossing promoters multiple times over.

His ascent to #1 affiliate status worldwide wasn’t an accident either. Robby strategically honed his skills through tireless trial and error across various niches.

While the income potential in affiliate marketing is legitimate, few reach Robby’s level of mastery. He unquestionably fits the profile of a “super” affiliate pulling in 7-figures annually.

The fact that Robbie consistently sells out his speaking engagements and premium consulting services further validates his expertise.

His laundry list of records, achievements and testimonials provide ample proof of his abilities both earning as an affiliate and teaching others to succeed as well.

For any online marketer, guidance from a trustworthy expert is invaluable. Robby’s continually rising profile positions him as one of e-commerce’s most bankable mentors for those serious about success.

Final Thoughts…

Robby Blanchard has proven that you can reach the pinnacle of affiliate marketing success with the right blend of dedication and strategy.

His journey from fitness expert to ClickBank’s top affiliate is a testament to the power of leveraging one’s passions into a profitable online business.

Whether it’s through his Commission Hero program or the innovative Project Platinum masterclass, Robby offers tools and insights that could be the key to unlocking your potential in the affiliate marketing space.

Remember, success isn’t guaranteed and it requires significant investment, both in time and resources. But for those ready to learn from a proven leader, the path Robby has carved out might just lead you to your own affiliate marketing triumphs.

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