Charles Floate Training Review (Is it the Best Resource to Learn SEO?)

charles floate training review

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  • Charles Floate is a well-known SEO with 15+ years of experience.
  • He built and sold multiple 6-figure agencies in the UK.
  • Has hosted conferences and spoken at over 40 SEO events worldwide.
  • Charles Floate Training sells courses, audits, consultations, and SEO services.
  • Provides SEO training services & courses to 35,000+ students.

In the ever-evolving world of SEO (search engine optimization), one name stands out among the rest: Charles Floate.

With over 15 years of hands-on SEO experience, Charles has established himself as a thought leader and expert in strategic organic growth.

In September 2023, with much fanfare from his audience on X/Twitter, Charles launched the Charles Floate Training website as a one-stop-shop for all of his SEO infoproducts and services.

In this review, I take a close look at Charles Floate Training to see what it’s all about.

Is it worth your time and money? Or just more guru-driven hype?

Let’s find out…

🏆 Editor’s Choice

Charles Floate Training

Overall Score: 4.7

Charles Floate Training is one of the top SEO education and services platforms.


  • Strategies come from an SEO authority, ensuring expert-level advice
  • Wide range of comprehensive SEO offerings for every need
  • Services are tailored to your site’s specific goals
  • Training includes thorough reports with actionable steps


  • Higher price point which may be challenging for smaller budgets
  • Execution of strategies is entirely up to the client
  • Due to high demand, certain packages may sometimes be sold out

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Upfront Recommendation

As an advanced SEO myself who has purchased many of Charles Floate’s courses and services over the years, I would 100% recommend you check out Charles Floate Training.

He provides unmatched SEO training at every price point. One of my favorite ebooks is currently only $7.

Who is Charles Floate the SEO?

Charles Floate is a professional SEO with over 15 years of experience running campaigns for his own websites and large clients. He is best known for his black hat strategies, peer reviews, SEO tutorials, case studies, and conference talks.

Over his career, Floate has run and sold six-figure agencies, built authority websites, consulted on thousands of SEO projects, and amassed a large following on social media.

charles floate x twitter profile
Charles Floate has one of the largest followings of any SEO on X/Twitter

According to Charles, he got his start in SEO at a young age, building websites and buying backlinks starting at just 12 years old, after his family business was scammed by a digital agency.

This early exposure gave him a deep understanding of how search technologies work and evolve.

He then sharpened his skills by working for UK agencies before branching out on his own.

He first gained notoriety in the industry through his “God of SEO” blog where he shared guides and case studies on ranking sites.

Floate began networking and speaking globally, living in Canada, Mexico, and finally settling in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

charles floate teaching live group

He has contributed over 2.5 million words of SEO content through blogs, case studies, and talks.

To date, he has spoken at over 40 SEO events across the globe and has trained more than 35,000 students through in-person conferences and his online courses.

What is Charles Floate Training?

Charles Floate is the founder of the SEO education and services platform known as Charles Floate Training.

Prior to the launch of Charles Floate Training, Charles’ courses and ebooks could only be found on Gumroad.


I suspect Floate may have been tired of Gumroad taking such a large cut of his business when he made the decision to build Charles Floate Training.

At the heart of the platform is Charles Floate himself, who brings deep insights formed through years of hands-on SEO work and experimentation.

His reputation for practical, results-driven advice is one of the hallmarks of the training offered.

With the SEO landscape constantly evolving, the platform prides itself on staying current.

Customers can expect to learn strategies that are updated to reflect the latest algorithm changes and SEO best practices.

What Exactly Does Charles Floate Training Offer?

Charles Floate Training offers a range of services and products focused on SEO education.

The site offers useful ebooks, courses, training, audits, consultations, and other SEO services.

The goal of these offerings is to help people of all skill levels increase their organic traffic, rankings, and revenues.

An Eye on the Future

Unlike instructors who rely on rehashing entry-level tactics, Charles obsesses over innovation.

He regularly runs his own SEO tests and experiments with emerging technologies like AI to steer students ahead of the curve.

Through his social media content, newsletter, and blog, Charles provides up-to-the-minute insights into search algorithms, Google’s core updates, and ever-shifting best practices.

With organic search accounting for 53% of website traffic as reported by BrightEdge, Charles Floate Training’s emphasis on cutting-edge SEO strategies ensures that businesses and individuals are making the most of the largest opportunity for digital visibility and traffic acquisition.

The Proof is in the Results

Countless students have claimed to have achieved remarkable organic growth under Charles’s mentorship.

charles floate training client video testimonials

Businesses he has trained report explosive lead generation, new ranking achievements, and revenue growth from SEO.

By implementing his strategic frameworks, businesses consistently “leapfrog” ahead 5–6 years in their SEO progress compared to learning independently.

The numbers speak for themselves: Charles has the track record to substantiate his world-class training.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what types of products and services Charles Floate Training is currently selling.

SEO Courses and Ebooks

Charles offers a diverse selection of courses and ebooks catering to all experience levels and price points.

One of the best values in the store is the Strategies & Stories from SEO Millionaires ebook. It’s priced at $7 while providing more value than some $200 courses I’ve personally taken.

charles floate training seo millionaires ebook testimonal

Here is a complete list of all the courses and ebooks available for purchase (in order of price high/low):

  • SEO Gems: Advanced Money Hat SEO ($999)
  • Parasite SEO Secrets Revealed ($699)
  • SEO Side Hustle 2.0 ($499)
  • Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO ($199)
  • Twitter Takeover 2.0 ($99)
  • Omniscient OnPage SEO ($99)
  • Six-Figure Freelance SEO ($99)
  • Selling Backlinks Course ($27)
  • Strategies & Stories from SEO Millionaires ($7)

The most expensive course offered by Charles Floate Training is SEO Gems.

my seo gems testimonial from sales page
My testimonial from the SEO Gems sales page

I purchased SEO Gems when it first came out on Gumroad and really love the format.

It’s a living breathing video course that Charles regularly updates with his top tricks and test results.

SEO Gems currently comes packed with over 7 hours of high-level SEO goodness.

While I love the courses Charles creates, if you are an intermediate (or higher) level SEO, you are going to get the most value from his 1-on-1 consultations

SEO Consultations

The consultation services provided by Charles Floate Training might be of interest to you if you’re thinking about improving your website’s SEO strategy.

charles floate training consultation steps

With a range of options, from quick 15-minute conversations to extensive, in-person strategy sessions, Charles presents a variety of packages tailored to different levels of need and investment.

But what can you expect from these sessions, and are they worth the price tag?

Let’s delve into the details…

The Packages

Charles Floate’s consultation services are structured to cater to a spectrum of clients, from those needing quick advice to those seeking a comprehensive SEO overhaul.

Starting with a 15-minute call priced at $499 USD, clients can dip their toes into the ocean of SEO expertise Charles has to offer.

This could be a suitable option for someone who needs targeted advice quickly without a significant time commitment. However, it’s crucial to consider if such a short time frame would be enough, as comprehensive issues could require more extensive discussion.

Scaling up, the 1-hour session at $1,499 USD could serve as an in-depth audit for a single issue or a high-level overview of your site’s SEO strategy.

Charles offers discounted pricing if you buy multiple hours in advance.

For recovery analysis or in-depth strategy planning, you may look into the more extensive packages ranging up to $50,000 USD for an in-person consultation.

These higher-tier consultations boast a promise of a transformative blueprint for your business’s online presence.

The Consultation Process

The process begins with choosing your package and scheduling a session within Charles’ working hours (typically 9am–5pm Thai +7 time zone).

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to outline the areas you want to focus on, ensuring that the consultation is tailored to your specific needs.

Charles prepares for each session thoroughly, aiming to provide value-packed advice, strategies, and answers to your pressing SEO questions.

After the live session, you’ll receive a copy of the discussion, including video, audio, and chat transcripts, allowing you to revisit the insights shared at any time.

Also, follow-up support is offered, enabling you to clarify any lingering doubts or further refine your approach.

Consider the Commitment

One potential consideration when assessing Charles Floate Training’s consultation services is the commitment required on your part.

Post-consultation, the responsibility is solely on you or your team to implement the tailored SEO strategies provided.

While Charles outlines a clear path to potentially significant traffic growth, real results hinge on execution. For some clients, this might pose a challenge, especially if there is a lack of in-house expertise to carry out the recommended actions effectively.

SEO Audits

Embarking on an SEO audit is like undergoing a health check for your website, pinpointing ailments and recommending remedies that aim to boost your site’s performance on search engines.

Charles Floate Training provides a suite of audit packages designed to uncover and address various aspects of your site’s SEO.

Audit Packages

Charles offers a range of audit packages scaled to meet different levels of SEO help.

charles floate training audit packages

These audits come at varying price points, reflective of the depth and breadth of analysis involved:

Overview Audit ($2,500 USD)

This audit provides a high-level inspection of your site’s technical and on-page SEO elements. It’s a starting point for those looking to grasp why their website may not be achieving its desired rank.

With this package, Charles devises a bespoke blueprint detailing the types of backlinks best suited for your site, potential target websites, and tactics for acquiring those links effectively.

This deeper dive into your site’s backlink profile assesses the quality of existing links and identifies any detrimental links that might harm your rankings, providing guidance on rectification.

Comprehensive Audit ($10,000 USD)

Labeled as the motherlode of SEO audits by Charles, it scrutinizes a multitude of ranking factors, delivering a thorough analysis and a robust action plan for elevating organic traffic.

Full-Service SEO Audit ($17,500 USD, discounted from $19,000)

This top-tier audit promises a full-service approach, likely encompassing all facets of SEO for a complete roadmap to measurable success.

Deconstructing the Audits

A critical feature of Charles’ audits is the promise to go beyond conventional SEO tools.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Charles offers insights that are finely tuned to the nuances of your website’s needs.

This tailored approach aims to provide advice that automated reports can’t duplicate.

The Link Profile Analysis is highlighted as particularly valuable given the weight of backlinks as a ranking factor.

Charles conducts a detailed analysis of your link profile in comparison to your competitors, aiming to identify both opportunities and unfavorable links that could lead to penalties.

If expanding your domain’s authority through credible links is your goal, the Link Building Strategy serves as your tailored map to success.

Charles commits to leveraging his seasoned strategies to craft a link building campaign that could skyrocket your site’s rankings.

Audit Delivery and Support

After choosing the right SEO audit package, you can expect delivery times ranging from 7 to 28 working days depending on the complexity of your site and the scope of the audit.

Results come in the form of detailed reports with actionable recommendations.

For some audits, you may also engage in a discussion call with Charles to dissect the findings and strategize your next moves.

A big selling point for potential clients, and particularly for those who are less tech-savvy, is the accessibility of these audit reports.

Charles Floate Training emphasizes their readability and practicality, offering clarity and guidance even to those new to SEO.

Post-Audit Reality

It is important to address the fact that consultation services stop at the delivery of audits.

The implementation of recommended strategies is entirely in the hands of the client, making it necessary to either have the in-house capability to act on the advice or budget for potential external assistance.

Collaboration with Charles’ recommended partners is possible but would entail additional costs.

Clients considering an SEO audit by Charles Floate must weigh the investment against the personalized and expert advice rendered, as well as their capability to act on these recommendations.

Those who take the plunge can expect a thorough, seasoned perspective on their site’s organic search issues, with strategic remedies designed to improve rankings and performance.

Charles Floate Training boasts a suite of high-end link building packages designed to elevate your site’s search engine rankings to new heights.

Recognizing that link building is often a painful task for site owners, requiring a blend of skill, time, and dedication, Charles Floate’s services streamline this critical process.

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Charles Floate offers a variety of tailored options suitable for different goals and budgets.

Starting with the Entity Stacking Package at $999 USD, which is currently sold out due to high demand, Charles provides a foundational approach to building your site’s online presence.

The Niche Edit DR45+ Link Package comes in at $4,500 USD, tailor-made for those who need to fortify their niche position.

On the higher end of the spectrum, HARO Editorial Links are available for $5,250 USD, providing an authoritative nudge to your site’s credibility through high-profile media mentions.

For even greater Domain Rating thresholds, the Niche Edit DR60+ Link Package at $6,000 USD secures links from the most reputable and authoritative domains in your site’s particular niche.

For an exclusive experience, the Penthouse Outreach Link Package, priced at $8,000 USD, delivers an elite level of personalized outreach, while the top-of-the-line Presidential Outreach Link Package offers a comprehensive, high-powered backlink strategy for $14,000 USD.

Customized Campaigns and Unrivaled Expertise

Charles Floate prides himself on the ability to narrow down the link building tactics that yield the best outcomes on search engine results pages (SERPs).

blogger outreach link building options

By focusing on approaches like blogger outreach, guest blogging, broken link building, and link reclamation, his methods are both effective and aligned with your site’s specific needs.

A cornerstone of Charles Floate’s strategy is tiered link building, an advanced technique where links are created in “tiers” or levels to bolster the strength of the main links pointing directly to your site. This approach not only increases the potency of your primary links but also fosters an authentic link profile that search engines favor.

The Charles Floate Difference

What sets Charles’ link building services apart is his promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Upon placing an order, clients are presented with suggestions and retain complete control over their campaigns, from choosing anchor texts to deciding how links will be rolled out over time.

Charles’ commitment to transparency and client empowerment is evident, as he provides an opportunity for clients to approve or reject article content and link prospects to ensure they meet precise standards.

Understanding the significance of link placement, Charles guarantees that your backlinks will originate from pages with sufficient internal and inbound links, avoiding orphaned pages that search spiders struggle to crawl and index.

The service strengthens the authority of those pages by utilizing tiered links and social signals, thereby enhancing the impact of the backlinks.

Superior Customer Support and Content Quality

Charles’ UK-based customer support team comes with extensive hands-on SEO experience and a dedication to resolving any concerns throughout the link building process.

Additionally, the expert content team is tasked with creating heavily researched articles, ensuring relevancy and enhancing the impact of your backlinks.

Charles Floate Training positions itself as more than just a link building service—it’s a comprehensive SEO partner dedicated to propelling your website’s success and longevity in the competitive digital space.

SEO Keyword Research Services

Every effective SEO campaign starts with a solid foundation of keyword research, which is the linchpin of understanding the landscape of the topics you want to dominate.

Charles Floate Training recognizes the importance of this step and provides comprehensive keyword research services tailored to both new and existing websites.

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Unlocking SEO Potential with Precision Keyword Research

Charles Floate Training’s SEO keyword research services offer a meticulous approach to uncovering the terms and phrases that hold the keys to elevating your online visibility.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your existing site’s keyword strategy or laying the groundwork for a new business, the Keyword Research Packages are designed to identify the most lucrative opportunities for your online content.

These services are available at two price points: $2,999.00 USD for a thorough keyword strategy overhaul and a more compact research option at $1,999.00 USD.

The cornerstone of these services is understanding the essence of search intent, which enables site owners to align their content creation with the needs and desires of their audience.

By dissecting the purpose behind user searches, Charles Floate Training crafts a keyword strategy that doesn’t just aim to bring traffic but is calibrated to convert visitors into customers.

The Art of the Topical Map

Beyond basic keyword research, the services extend to the generation of a Topical Map for the same price of $1,999.00 USD.

This tool is a powerful resource for any content-driven website.

topical map info

Through conversations about the site’s objectives and a deep dive into industry analysis, Charles Floate Training identifies the thematic terrain of your niche, mapping out the vital topics and subtopics that will resonate with your target audience.

This level of strategy goes beyond simple keyword analysis; it’s about clustering related themes, crafting a web of interrelated content that not only satisfies the user’s inquiry but also establishes the site as an authoritative source within its niche.

After the generation of the Topical Map, you’ll receive a detailed report that offers a clear blueprint for content development.

This report facilitates the prioritization of keywords and aids in strategic planning for both internal linking and off-page SEO initiatives.

It’s a guide crafted to enhance your site’s relevance and authority, culminating in improved search rankings.

Expertise Behind the Scenes

The team, led by the Head of Services, Soham Banker, is dedicated to delivering comprehensive reports that not only shed light on valuable insights but also recommend targeted keywords poised to maximize your site’s impact.

The attention to detail and commitment to each project reflects Charles Floate Training’s dedication to client success.

Choosing Charles Floate Training for your keyword research needs means investing in a service that understands the nuances of modern search behavior and the mechanics of successful content ranking.

It’s an essential step that could give your business the edge needed to generate more leads, drive conversions, and ultimately amplify your ROI.

Other SEO Education and Services Platforms

When considering alternatives to Charles Floate Training for your SEO and digital marketing needs, it’s important to explore the full range of options available in the market.

The two alternatives that stand out to me are Legiit and IMG Courses.

Legiit: Diverse Marketplace for Digital Services

Legiit operates as a versatile marketplace that connects service providers offering a wide range of digital marketing services with those in need of these services.

From small businesses to SEO professionals, Legiit users can find services like content writing, graphic design, SEO audits, and link building.

The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and affordability, making it a popular choice for those looking for quality services without a hefty price tag.

IMG Courses: In-Depth SEO Education Platform

Formerly known as Internet Marketing Gold, IMG Courses has carved out a niche as a specialized learning platform for those looking to deepen their SEO knowledge.

Branded as the “Netflix for SEOs,” IMG Courses founded by Kyle Roof, offers a subscription model that grants members unlimited access to a vast library of over 50 SEO courses.

These courses range from beginner to advanced levels, and new content is added every month to keep members at the forefront of SEO learning.

With a subscription, members also gain access to a library of SEO test results, weekly coaching calls with SEO experts, and entry into a vibrant SEO community. Priced at $97 per month, IMG Courses positions itself as a one-stop shop for SEO learning and professional development.

Final Thoughts…

Students worldwide turn to Charles Floate for cutting-edge SEO training built on real-world results. His comprehensive courses, audits, consulting, and managed services enable brands to unlock their digital potential online.

Companies aiming to amplify organic reach, leads, and revenue would be foolish not to tap into Charles’ 15+ years of hands-on search innovation.

If you are in need of SEO services training you should absolutely give Charles Floate Training a good hard look. Chances are he has the exact package you need for your situation.

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