How to Create a ClickBank HopLink (EASY Step-by-Step Guide) [2024]

how to create a clickbank hoplink

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  • HopLinks are crucial for getting credit for sales as a ClickBank affiliate. They contain your affiliate ID and embed a tracking cookie when clicked.
  • Append a unique tracking ID to your HopLinks to identify which promotions bring in sales. This allows you to double down on what works.
  • Carefully follow the proper HopLink format – Typos will cause issues.
  • Troubleshooting tips – check for 404 errors, formatting mistakes, and browser cookie settings. Reach out to ClickBank support if issues persist.

Ever wondered how to turn clicks into cash with ClickBank? Creating a HopLink is your first step to unlocking the potential of affiliate marketing.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in affiliate marketing, understanding HopLinks is crucial.

You’ve got your ClickBank account and nickname ready, but what’s next?

Let’s dive into the world of HopLinks, where each click can mean commission in your pocket. We’ll break down the process so you can start generating your links with confidence.

What Are HopLinks on ClickBank?

HopLinks are the links you use to promote offers on ClickBank.

Picture them as bridges connecting potential customers to the products you’re promoting. When someone clicks a ClickBank HopLink, it embeds an affiliate cookie onto the user’s computer.

This cookie is vital, as it ensures you receive credit for any sales generated through your link.

Your HopLink is what tells ClickBank who to pay commissions to when a sale is made.

It’s important to grasp that the term HopLink is unique to ClickBank. You won’t encounter it being used by other affiliate programs because ClickBank has trademarked it.

Instead, you’ll find terms like affiliate link or referral link elsewhere.

What Are Hops on ClickBank?

Understanding hops on ClickBank is crucial for your success in affiliate marketing. In essence, a hop occurs when a potential customer clicks on your HopLink and lands on a vendor’s sales page.

It’s a key metric in gauging interest and the reach of your promotions.

Every click counts as a hop on ClickBank, but it’s important to recognize that this doesn’t automatically translate to unique visitors.

A single user can generate multiple hops by clicking on your HopLink several times. Therefore, having a high number of hops doesn’t always mean you’re reaching a wide audience.

That’s why measuring the effectiveness of your HopLinks involves more than just tracking the total hop count.


The golden rule in ClickBank affiliate marketing is to drive targeted traffic to your HopLinks. It’s not just about quantity; quality plays a substantial role.

Targeted visitors are more likely to be interested in the product you’re promoting, increasing the chances of conversion.

Yet, a common challenge you may face is the ”hops but no sales” scenario. This occurs when people are clicking through but not making purchases.

It’s a clear indicator that while you’re successful in attracting clicks, there’s a disconnect in the conversion process. The problem could stem from issues like unconvincing landing pages, a mismatch between the promotion and the audience’s interests, or even an underperforming product.

By understanding and reacting to the behavior of your hops, you’ll be able to fine-tune your affiliate campaigns, tailor your promotional messages, and ultimately, increase the likelihood of generating successful sales through ClickBank.

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Creating a basic HopLink is simpler than you might think.

Focus on the fundamental structure of a HopLink, which follows a consistent pattern:

To craft your link, you’ll need two crucial pieces of information: your ClickBank affiliate nickname and the vendor’s ID. Once you’ve gathered these identifiers, you’re ready to build your HopLink.

When you construct the link, replace AFFILIATE with your unique ClickBank nickname and VENDOR with the ID of the ClickBank seller whose product you want to promote. Make sure you don’t make any typos or else the link won’t work and you won’t get credit for any resulting sales.

This straight-ahead approach ensures that whenever someone clicks on your HopLink, the ClickBank system accurately records your referral.

create a hoplink
How to create a HopLink directly from an affiliate offer

Understanding the redirection process is essential. When a prospective buyer clicks your HopLink, ClickBank’s Hoplink server instantly redirects them to the merchant’s site. In doing so, it generates an affiliate tracking cookie in the user’s browser.

This cookie is the linchpin that attributes the sale to you if the user makes a purchase.

ClickBank’s HopLinks now come in an encrypted form by default.

encrypted hoplink example
Example of an encrypted HopLink

They still lead to the same destination as the standard HopLink but without displaying the affiliate or vendor ID in the URL.

Created using the HopLink Shield tool, these encrypted links like protect your affiliate details while functioning just the same.

Before sharing your newly created HopLink, double-check it to ensure the structure is correct and that it leads to the vendor’s page as intended.

Creating Tracking HopLinks on ClickBank enhances your ability to monitor which of your promotional efforts are yielding sales.

Tracking IDs are a crucial part of this process. They allow you to see precisely how each link performs, giving you insights into your campaign’s effectiveness.

Firstly, when generating a HopLink, click Promote on the product page.

clickbank offers promote button

Manually adding a tracking ID to your HopLink is simple yet often overlooked by affiliates. In the long term, this oversight can lead to uninformed marketing strategies. But you’re aiming for precision in your campaigns.

To create a tracking HopLink, simply append tid followed by your unique Tracking ID to the HopLink URL. Remember, the tid should always be in lowercase.

Suppose your blog post titled “How to Make Money Online”, contains the HopLink. You could use howtomakemoneyonlinepost as the Tracking ID.

Here’s how your URL would appear:

By assigning unique Tracking IDs to different locations or CTA buttons within your content, you’re setting up a system to identify which elements grab the most attention and drive conversions. It’s like having a window into your audience’s behavior, showing you what works and what doesn’t.

Should you encounter issues with your Tracking HopLinks, perform a quick spell check. Even minor mistakes can render a HopLink ineffective.

Verifying every detail ensures your HopLink is primed to accurately track your sales and inform your marketing decisions.

When you’re setting up HopLinks for your ClickBank promotions, you need to be aware of what not to do just as much as what you should be doing.

HopLinks must open at the top level of a new window or tab, and you should never hide them in subwindow objects like frames or iframes.

Crafting HopLinks this way is critical; not only are these practices considered invalid, but they can also lead to losing affiliate referral credits, or worse, having your account terminated without notice for HopLink system abuse.

Using popups, popunders, or exit windows for your HopLinks is acceptable and won’t threaten your affiliate status.

There may be times when you’re following all guidelines, yet still experiencing compliance issues with your HopLinks.

ClickBank is there to assist, and you can submit inquiries using the Vendor/Affiliate Customer Service Form if you’ve eliminated common problems.

Experiencing issues with your ClickBank HopLinks can be frustrating, particularly when you’re on the brink of a breakthrough campaign. Here’s how to troubleshoot effectively so you can get back to business in no time.

First, let’s break down common errors. If your HopLink is returning a 404 error page, this indicates that the vendor’s site may be down or the vendor has not set a HopLink Target URL.

Always double-check your HopLink’s format. A correct one begins with https:// and includes Using the wrong format, like adding your nickname to the vendor’s Pitch Page URL, renders the HopLink ineffective as ClickBank can’t track your sales through it.

Ensure that you use the Create feature in the HopLink Tools set accurately, verifying that both your account nickname and the vendor’s are error-free.

Cookie tracking is another cornerstone of HopLink functionality. If you’ve found that your HopLink isn’t working as expected, verify that your browser’s cookies are enabled. Disable any third-party anti-spyware or adblocker software that could be blocking cookies, which are essential for tracking.

Older HopLink formats may raise concerns, but often you only need to confirm that the nicknames for both the affiliate and seller are correct. Use the Decode feature within the Affiliate Tools for encrypted links to check for spelling accuracy.

how to decode an encrypted hoplink
How to decode an encrypted HopLink

If you’ve walked through these steps and continue to encounter problems, ClickBank’s Vendor/Affiliate Customer Service Form is your next stop. Submit an inquiry, and ClickBank support will guide you through any additional troubleshooting necessary.

Final Thoughts…

Crafting your ClickBank HopLink is just the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey.

Remember, keeping your HopLinks accurate and current is crucial for tracking your campaigns effectively. If you run into any snags, don’t hesitate to tap into the HopLink Tools or reach out to ClickBank’s support team. They’re there to help you smooth out any bumps along the way.

Now that you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to dive in and start promoting.

Your next successful affiliate campaign is just a HopLink away!

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