How Does ClickBank Pay You? (Get Paid On Time EVERYTIME) [2024]

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  • ClickBank pays affiliates bi-weekly once they meet the minimum payment threshold, which can be set as low as $10. This ensures timely and consistent payouts.
  • Affiliates have flexible payment options including checks, direct deposit, and wire transfers. Direct deposit offers the fastest access to earnings.
  • Receiving direct deposits takes around two business days after the pay period ends. Checks are mailed within a week but have longer delivery times.
  • Keep sales high and chargeback rates low to maximize profits. Inactivity can lead to fees, so stay engaged to keep your account in good standing.

Ever wondered how you can turn clicks into cash with ClickBank?

As a marketplace for digital products, ClickBank offers a lucrative payout structure for affiliates like you.

And the best part for affiliate marketers is they have options for you no matter how you prefer to get paid.

Stay tuned as we unpack the essentials of getting paid through ClickBank, from setting your payment threshold to selecting your preferred payment method.

Still unclear exactly how ClickBank pays you? Let’s get started.

How Often Does ClickBank Pay Affiliates?

Understanding ClickBank’s payment frequency is crucial if you’re looking to optimize your cash flow.

ClickBank pays its affiliates in a timely and consistent manner, making it easier for you to plan your finances and reinvest in your affiliate marketing strategies. Typically, ClickBank issues payments to affiliates on a bi-weekly schedule.

Once you’ve surpassed the initial payment threshold, which you can set as low as $10 or as high as you’re comfortable with, you’ll receive regular payments for your affiliate efforts.

clickbank payment information
My payment threshold is set to $100. I can change it by clicking “EDIT

This flexibility allows you to manage earnings based on your personal or business needs.

When starting out as an affiliate marketer, reliable payment schedules are a lifeline. With ClickBank, your payouts aren’t left to chance or delayed unnecessarily.

As soon as a customer completes a purchase via your affiliate link, your share of the sale, which is often a significant 50-75% of the product’s price, gets credited to your ClickBank account within minutes.

Once your account balance crosses your designated payment threshold, you’re all set for the next payout date.

Keep in mind that ClickBank also incorporates a security measure known as the Customer Distribution Requirement before releasing your first payment. This simply ensures that sales are coming from multiple customers, reflecting a healthy affiliate practice.

Once you’ve met this requirement, the path is clear to start receiving payouts.

Learn More…

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ClickBank Payment Options

As you dive into the world of ClickBank, understanding your payment options is key to a smooth cash flow.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can receive your hard-earned money 👇

1. Check

While electronic transfers and online transactions dominate affiliate marketing, there remains a notable preference among some ClickBank affiliates for the tried-and-true method of receiving payments via check.

How to Receive Payment via Check

If you’re getting paid by ClickBank and haven’t selected another payment method, expect a paper check.

Keep in mind that checks require a correct address and payment to the name listed on your account.

Failure to provide accurate details can lead to payment troubles.

Checks over $5,000 are shipped via priority mail, while amounts exceeding $10,000 get sent through FedEx overnight.

Remember, checks have a 90-day validity, after which they need to be reissued.

2. Direct Deposit

One of the most popular payout options is direct deposit, which is like getting your money straight into your bank account without the need to deposit any paper checks.

How to Enable Direct Deposit

For those who have access to direct deposit, enabling it is straightforward.

Adjust your account settings on the ClickBank dashboard to direct deposit, then input your banking details.

Payments reach your account faster than traditional checks and the process is secure.

This option, however, may not be available in all countries.

3. Wire Transfer

When it comes to getting paid as a ClickBank affiliate, wire transfer is another option that some find appealing.

Think of wire transfer as a digital highway for your money – it goes straight from ClickBank to your bank account.

How to Receive Payment by Wire Transfer

In regions where direct deposit isn’t an option, wire transfer comes to the rescue.

To set this up, provide your international banking information in the account settings.

Although wire transfers may incur additional fees, they’re a reliable way to receive your earnings, especially across borders.

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid from ClickBank?

When you’re dealing with ClickBank, understanding the payment timeline is crucial to manage your financial expectations.

The speed at which you receive your earnings from ClickBank can vary based on the payment method you’ve chosen. However, one constant feature is ClickBank’s payment threshold, which you must meet before any payouts are issued.

If you opt for direct deposit, which is available in numerous countries, your payments could be in your account as quickly as two business days after the end of the pay period.

Keep in mind pay periods end on Wednesdays, so plan accordingly.

For checks, the process takes a bit longer; they are mailed out within a week after the pay period ends, but delivery time can vary based on your location.

Wire transfers tend to be the go-to for larger international affiliates, but these can be slower and may incur additional bank fees. The initial setup for wire transfers may also delay your first payment.


ClickBank holds a fraction of revenue for about 84 days to cover any possible chargebacks or refunds. After this period, the remaining balance is released, provided your account doesn’t exhibit suspicious activity or high rates of chargebacks.

Keep note of this holding period when calculating your cash flow.

Each affiliate’s experience with getting paid will differ slightly, and patience is a virtue as the ClickBank system works to verify sales and ensure all affiliates are paid accurately.

Stay vigilant with your account, keep tracking your sales, and maintain consistent engagement to avoid any setbacks with your payments.

How to Change Your Payment Method

If you ever decide it’s time to switch up how you get paid from ClickBank, rest assured the process is straightforward. You’re not locked into your initial choice; changing your payment method can be done with just a few clicks.

Whether it’s for simplicity or instant access to your funds, you’ve got the control.

change clickbank payment method and threshold
It’s easy to change your ClickBank payment info

Keep in mind, though, that whenever you update your email or password, a security hold prevents any changes to your payment method for one week. This crucial step keeps your earnings safe from potential fraud.

What Are the ClickBank’s Fees?

As affiliates and vendors navigate the ClickBank platform, it’s crucial to be aware of the various fees that may come into play throughout their financial transactions.

Understanding these fees enables users to make informed decisions about their earnings and expenses.

Chargeback Fees

Positively managing your ClickBank account means keeping an eye on the balance and making sure you’re not just breaking even but actually turning a profit.

This includes understanding chargeback rates and the associated fees:

  • Chargeback rate less than 1%: $22 fee + margin
  • Chargeback rate between 1%-1.49%: $29 fee + margin
  • Chargeback rate over 1.5%: $49 + margin

High chargeback rates can often mean not just a forfeiture of earnings but could lead to you shouldering losses.

It’s a compelling reason to ensure your traffic is top-notch and you’re vigilant against fraud.

How Does the Dormant Fee Work?

You might not realize it but managing your ClickBank account actively is crucial to avoid certain fees.

Take dormant fees, for instance. These kick in when your account shows a positive balance but no earnings for an extended period.

If there’s no account activity for 90 days, you’ll incur a charge of $1 per pay period. This fee escalates to $5 per pay period after 180 days, and further to a steep $50 per pay period after 365 days of inactivity.

It’s on you to stay engaged and generate earnings to fend off these charges.

Remember, ClickBank won’t send out alerts before your account is declared dormant – it’s your responsibility to keep track.

Activation Fees

As a new product owner on ClickBank, you’re looking at a one-time activation fee of $49.95.

Although this might seem like a gatekeeper cost, it works to maintain the marketplace’s quality by keeping lower-quality vendors at bay.

Final Thoughts…

You’ve explored the various ways ClickBank pays you, from checks to Payoneer, and everything in between. Now, you’re equipped to choose the best payment method that aligns with your financial needs and preferences.

Don’t forget to keep your account active to avoid any unnecessary fees and ensure you’re making the most out of your ClickBank experience.

With the right payment setup, you’ll enjoy the rewards of your affiliate efforts with ease.

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