What is ClickBank Gravity Score? (How to Read and Understand) [2024]

what is clickbank gravity score

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  • ClickBank Gravity Score shows how many affiliates have sold a product recently. Higher scores mean more sales.
  • Gravity alone doesn’t determine success. Look at the commission rate, refund rate, and competition too.
  • I’ve had the most affiliate marketing success targeting products with gravity scores between 50-150.
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Have you ever wondered how to decipher ClickBank gravity and why it’s crucial for your affiliate marketing success?

The ClickBank marketplace can be a goldmine for affiliate marketers, but with hundreds of products to choose from, it’s crucial to understand the metrics that can guide you in making informed decisions. 

In this blog post, I’ll unravel the mystery behind ClickBank gravity, so you can make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts.

What is Clickbank Gravity?

ClickBank, an online marketplace for digital products, offers ClickBank gravity as a performance metric to assist affiliates in assessing a product’s popularity and potential profitability. 

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The gravity score is unique to ClickBank and represents the number of affiliates who have made a sale in the past 12 weeks.

In essence, it gives you an insight into how well a product is selling and how many other affiliates are promoting it.

The higher the gravity score, the more successful affiliates have been in selling that product. This can be a valuable indicator for affiliates looking to promote products with proven track records. 

However, it’s important to note that gravity is not the only factor to consider when choosing a product to promote.

As an affiliate marketer, understanding ClickBank gravity is essential to making informed decisions about which products to promote. By keeping this metric in mind, you can increase your chances of success and maximize your earnings.

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How Does ClickBank Calculate Gravity?

ClickBank calculates gravity using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the number of unique affiliates who have made a sale of a particular product within the past 12 weeks.

Each affiliate sale contributes to the gravity score, with recent sales weighted more heavily than older sales.

The formula is designed to reward products that are consistently generating sales, while also considering the recency of those sales. 

This means that products with a high gravity score are not only popular among affiliates but have also demonstrated their ability to convert and generate income.

It’s important to remember that a product’s ClickBank gravity is just one of many ways to measure its potential. 

Other factors, such as the product’s average sale price, commission rate, and refund rate, should also be taken into account when selecting products to promote.

How to Find ClickBank Gravity for an Offer?

To find an offer’s ClickBank gravity, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account and navigate to the Marketplace.
  2. Browse or search for a product in your desired niche.
  3. Locate the product’s gravity score, which is listed below the product title and other details.
clickbank gravity score

Keep in mind that a higher gravity score indicates more affiliates have successfully sold the product in the past 12 weeks, suggesting it could be a potentially profitable choice. 

What Does ClickBank Gravity Mean?

ClickBank gravity is a measure of a product’s popularity and success among affiliates. It serves as an indicator of how well the product is selling and the number of affiliates promoting it. 

Here’s what ClickBank gravity can tell you:

  • A high gravity score signifies that many affiliates have recently sold the product, suggesting it has good conversion rates and market demand.
  • A low gravity score could mean one of two things: either the product is relatively new and hasn’t gained traction yet, or it has a poor track record and isn’t converting well.

Even though ClickBank gravity can give you useful information, it shouldn’t be the only thing you use to make a decision. 

Other factors, such as commission rate, refund rate, and the relevance of the product to your target audience, should also be considered when choosing a product to promote.

What is a Good ClickBank Gravity Score to Target?

A good ClickBank gravity score is subjective and depends on various factors, including your niche, competition, and marketing strategy. 

Most of the time, a higher gravity score means that affiliates have been successful with the product, but this doesn’t always mean that you will be, too.

 Here are some guidelines to consider when evaluating gravity scores:

  • Products with a gravity score between 20 and 100 are considered moderately popular, indicating that they have been successful for some affiliates and may be worth considering.
  • Products with a gravity score above 100 are considered highly popular and have proven to be successful for many affiliates. However, this also means there’s likely more competition for promoting the product.

As far as a sweet spot to target, I like to shoot for a gravity score somewhere between 50-150. This is the gravity range that I’ve personally had the most success with promoting as an affiliate.

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Factors Affecting ClickBank Gravity

Various factors affect ClickBank gravity, and understanding these factors can help you make better decisions when selecting products to promote.

Sales Volume

The number of sales a product generates directly impacts its gravity score. 

Most of the time, products with more sales will have higher gravity scores, since more affiliates are selling them successfully.

Refunds and Chargebacks

Refunds and chargebacks can negatively affect a product’s gravity score. 

A high refund rate may indicate that customers are unsatisfied with the product, which can hurt its overall performance and gravity score. 

This is why it’s essential to consider a product’s refund rate alongside its gravity score when evaluating its potential profitability.

Affiliate Competition

A high gravity score may indicate increased competition among affiliates, as more affiliates are promoting and successfully selling the product.

Increased competition can make it more challenging to stand out and achieve success with that product. 

In contrast, a lower gravity score may signal less competition and potentially untapped opportunities. However, this should be balanced with the product’s overall performance and conversion rates.

Final Thoughts…

Understanding ClickBank gravity is crucial for affiliate marketers looking to make informed decisions when selecting products to promote. 

Even though a high gravity score can show that a product is popular and could be profitable, you should also look at other things, like the commission rate, the rate of returns, and how relevant the product is to your audience. 

By looking at these factors along with ClickBank gravity, you can increase your chances of success and make the most money possible in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

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