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It’s no secret that one of the easiest ways to make money online is by selling online courses.

But creating high-quality courses takes a lot of time and can be resource-intensive if you are a solopreneur (there are only so many hours in the day amiright?)

An easier approach is to resell pre-made content using private label rights (PLR). This allows you to profit from expertly designed courses under your own brand.

For those of you who don’t know about PLR, it refers to a set of digital products—such as eBooks, articles, videos, courses, software, and other content—that you can purchase with the right to modify and use as your own.

You get to sell the PLR content and keep 100% of the profits!

Sounds great! There’s got to be a catch, though.

Well there are a few big problems facing PLR marketers:

  • High quality PLR content is almost impossible to find
  • The PLR content that is good is also usually very expensive ($300-500)
  • Setting up conversion-optimized landing pages and funnels to generate sales takes a lot of skill (and time)

The PLR bundle fixes all of those problems!

You get access to high-quality PLR content to sell PLUS all of the landing pages, funnels, and follow-up material you need to get sales on autopilot.

whats included with the plr bundle

Even a novice marketer can quite literally set up the entire sales funnel in under 15 minutes!

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to get the PLR Bundle for FREE👇

What’s Included in the PLR Bundle? plr package true value

You’re probably thinking – “This all sounds great, but what do I actually get?”

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the PLR Bundle:

💡 Comprehensive Video Course Suite: Dive into 8 ready-made video courses spanning the hottest topics in online business—from email marketing to high-ticket sales, achieving financial freedom, and beyond, all crafted by seasoned industry vets.

Flexible Resell Rights: Enjoy the liberty to sell these courses in full, dice them into individual lessons, offer them as enticing bonuses, or creatively repurpose the content into blog posts, podcasts, and more.

🔥 Exclusive Bonuses: Access an arsenal of lead magnets, email templates, conversion-driving funnels, and even a proven $20k sales script (yes, you read that right!).

How Do I Get the PLR Bundle for FREE?

The truth is that when you purchase a plan, they will try to upsell you this EXACT SAME PLR BUNDLE at checkout…

But since I have the Master Resale Rights for the bundle, I’m willing to send it to you for FREE.

I suggest you start off buying a yearly Startup plan because I can offer you up to 40% off the monthly price!

Once you subscribe to, you only need to submit proof of your purchase so I can verify that you used my link.

Just email from the address you purchased with and I’ll immediately send you access to the entire PLR package.

It’s that simple!

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Still on the fence about subscribing to Check out my complete SIO review

How Can I Profit from the PLR Bundle?

Once you get your hands on the PLR Bundle, you need to know the different methods you can use to make money from it.

Here are some of the main ways you can profit from the PLR (private label rights) Packages:

1. Resell the courses under your own branding: This is the most straightforward approach. You take the completed courses and sell them as your own products, keeping 100% of profits.

2. Split-up bundles into smaller info-products: The PLR Package is 8 separate video courses that can be broken down into resold individually.

3. Upsell access to your exclusive membership site: Offer the PLR courses as lead magnets to attract subscribers. Provide additional premium training within a membership site for which users pay recurring access fees.

4. Give master resell rights to buyers: Rather than directly selling the courses to end customers, you can sell the included MRR license to other marketers. This allows them to rebrand and resell the PLR, earning you an upfront fee.

5. Expand upon content: Add more videos or courses to the package. The commercial rights allow such repackaging.

6. Promote affiliate offers and keep commissions: Instead of selling the PLR yourself, become a affiliate partner and earn commissions (this is what I do).

7. Use as free incentives to build email lists: Give away individual PLR courses or sections in exchange for user email addresses. Build an email list that you can remarket other backend offers.

All you have to do is purchase any plan from my link, and you’ll get FREE access to the PLR Bundle and Master Resell Rights (valued at $14,698).

How to Resell the PLR Package

This exclusive PLR package provides everything you need to launch your own thriving online course business and keep 100% of the profits!

Each bundle contains:

  • 8 professionally designed courses spanning 8+ hours of expert video tutorials
  • Accompanying class notes, workbooks, and supporting docs
  • Commercial license with full resell and redistribution rights
  • Complete email marketing campaigns that can be personalized for your brand
  • Sales funnel templates optimized for high conversion

Getting Started in 4 Simple Steps:

There are only a couple of very easy steps you need to take to start selling the PLR Bundle.

1. Purchase a Plan

Once you purchase a plan through one of my links, send an email to so I can verify your purchase, and I’ll immediately send you the PLR Bundle.

2. Import Bundle into Your Account

Install the PLR course bundle via the 1-click importer inside your Systeme dashboard. All modules, landing pages and funnels will be automatically set up.

3. Connect Payment Processor

Link PayPal or Stripe account to collect your money and enable instant delivery upon purchase.

4. Drive Traffic

Leverage built-in squeeze pages and automated email sequences to convert visitors into high-value customers.

🚫 No further technical expertise is needed. Just focus on driving leads to kickstart profits with this hands-off selling system.

The streamlined process makes launching and scaling a profitable online education company easier than ever.

Let the power of automation work for your business 24/7 by leveraging’s PLR bundle today!

Final Thoughts…

PLR courses can be a great asset for aspiring online entrepreneurs, providing quality content and resources that can be rebranded and resold. However, simply purchasing a package of courses does not guarantee success on its own.

You still need to put in the effort to market and sell the courses to real customers effectively.

Additionally, with PLR solutions being common, competition is often high.

It’s important to customize the content to differentiate your offerings. Understanding your target customer and what makes your courses unique is key.

On the whole, though,’s PLR bundle provides extensive materials covering a wide range of evergreen topics.

With no charge, thanks to my link, you are faced with a golden opportunity to benefit from quality content that can be customized and resold as your own.

For those committed to hustling smart – tailoring the content, identifying product-market fit, and executing online sales and marketing strategies – there is real income potential in selling the PLR Bundle.

Just go into it with realistic expectations around the effort required and focus on adding your own flavor to stand out.

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