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So today, we’re going to take a look at two of the best all-in-one digital marketing solutions and evaluate vs GoHighLevel to see which one may be right for your situation.

My Thoughts…

  • is an affordable all-in-one marketing platform perfect for solopreneurs and online marketers.
  • GoHighLevel excels at managing agencies and client-based businesses.
  • Both platforms have free trials (signup below) so you can evaluate which software is the best fit before committing to a paid plan.

My Review of vs GoHighLevel

I feel like full transparency is needed for this to be a truly honest comparison of and GoHighLevel. So here we go!

For the last 2 years, I’ve used in my online business to develop funnels and host courses. I love the platform and use it almost every day.

Recently, I started hearing good things about GoHighLevel in my marketing circles, so as someone who always needs to be on the cutting edge of trends, I decided to take the GoHighLevel 14-day free trial for a spin.

gohighlevel free trial signup

During my time evaluating GoHighLevel, I spent many hours learning the ins and outs of the platform. I imported various publicly available snapshots and tried to replicate my setup inside of GoHighLevel.

In my opinion, it is certainly worth the money, and in fact, it does some things better than

However, in the end, I chose not to upgrade to a paid plan when my free trial was over because I didn’t really need all of the features that GoHighLevel offers for my type of solopreneur business.

If I were running an agency or a business that required dealing directly with clients, I would 100% consider letting GoHighLevel do the heavy lifting for my business.

Final Verdict: I absolutely love Systeme and strongly advise any online marketer interested in creating sales funnels or online courses to sign up for a FREE account.

Systeme vs GoHighLevel: At a Glance

systeme io logo


  • Best budget all-in-one marketing platform
  • All of the tools you need to start an online business
  • FREE Forever Plan

Or Try Systeme for FREE 🔥


  • Best for marketing agency & service business owners
  • Get rid of separate expensive software subscriptions
  • 14-day risk-free trial

Or Try GoHighLevel for FREE 🔥

Based on Google Trends data, it appears that GoHighLevel is the most searched of the two platforms. Search volume is usually a good indication of overall popularity.

Below is a chart comparing the organic search popularity of and GoHighLevel over the last 12 months. vs gohighlevel google trends chart

Why You Should Choose

If you are starting an online business as a solopreneur and need an all-in-one platform that will allow you to build funnels, send emails, and sell products without spending a fortune, then you should 100% give a shot.

I use it to host all of my course funnels and build landing pages for my affiliate marketing business and it saves me thousands of dollars per year compared to competing products like ClickFunnels or GoHighLevel. has all of the functionality any marketer would ever need to make a full-time living online.

🏆 Editor’s Choice

Systeme IO

Overall Score: 4.8 provides everything you need to succeed in internet marketing, whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out. They offer users a free trial that never expires, as opposed to other all-in-one marketing solutions which come with limited trials and expensive monthly subscriptions.


  • FREE Forever Plan
  • No credit card required to signup
  • All the tools you need to run an online business


  • Lacks integration with some 3rd party tools

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. review

Why You Should Choose GoHighLevel

If your business model relies on converting initial leads/prospects into paying clients, then GoHighLevel is the software that should be running your day-to-day operations.

GoHighLevel provides the biggest value to consultants, agencies, coaches, lawyers, freelancers, and others. The CRM, calendars, and project management help organize client interactions and workload.

Anyone who manages a small team would also benefit from using GoHighLevel. Features that assign tasks, facilitate communication, and provide oversight mean less time spent micromanaging.

While can effectively build the front end of any online business (landing pages, funnels, etc) GoHighLevel is a much more sophisticated option for those who need CRM and lead follow-up capabilities.

🏆 Best Platform for Marketing Agencies


Overall Score: 4.8

GoHighLevel provides everything you need to build an online business or agency. With intuitive lead capture templates, powerful CRM, and best-in-class automation capabilities, anyone can manage their entire client-based business using only the tools included in GoHighLevel.


  • All-in-one platform consolidates client management tools, eliminating wasted time and money
  • CRM and communication features help you deliver high-touch customer service
  • Dashboard gives a real-time overview of the entire business operation


  • Steep learning curve to utilize the platform’s extensive features
  • Must put in time for initial software setup and migration of data

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

About the Products

Before we analyze features, benefits, and pricing, let’s take a quick look at each product’s history…

systeme io homepage was created by world-renowned digital marketing expert and entrepreneur Aurelian Amacker in 2016.

He wanted to transition his knowledge as a seasoned full-stack online marketer into a SAAS business that could help others achieve the same success online that he had.

There aren’t too many digital marketers more qualified than Aurelian, so you know that every feature of will be well thought out and optimized with potential ROI in mind.


gohighlevel hero image

People interchangeably use the names HighLevel and GoHighLevel (GHL) when talking about the product. For the sake of this comparison, I’m going to stick with GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel was created by entrepreneur Shaun Clark along with cofounders Varun Vairavan and Robin Alex in 2019.

The trio created GoHighLevel out of their own necessity to make a product that they could white label to their clients.

With GoHighLevel, anyone can build and manage their very own agency from the ground up.

Other GoHighLevel Comparisons vs GoHighLevel: What Features Do They Offer?

There are plenty of all-in-one marketing platforms on the market, but what separates and GoHighLevel from the pack?

Let’s take a deep dive into each product… Features comes loaded with a bundle of features unlike any all-in-one marketing tool currently available.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Drag and Drop Sales Funnel Builder
  • Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Website/Blog Builder
  • Online Course Hosting
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Deadline Funnels
  • Business Automation
  • Evergreen Webinar Hosting (available in Webinar or Unlimited plans) comes packed with robust features that can replace multiple other subscription tools like a landing page builder, email marketing software, and an online course platform.

Read More…

Looking for more information about Systeme’s features? Check out my Systeme review.

GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel comes packed with features hyper-focused on helping business owners manage leads, communicate with customers, and build a thriving agency.

gohighlevel features chart

Some key features include:

  • CRM & Pipeline Management
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Website/Blog Builder
  • Surveys & Forms
  • Email Marketing
  • 2-Way SMS Marketing
  • Booking & Appointment Setting
  • Courses/Digital Product Hosting
  • Call Tracking
  • Reputation Management
  • Tracking & Analytics Suite
  • White Labe Mobile App

By handling time-consuming jobs like project management, billing, follow-up and CRM, GoHighLevel enables agencies to focus more strategic efforts on campaign execution and customer acquisition. vs GoHighLevel: How Much Do They Cost?

Now that you know all of the main features included in each product, let’s talk about how much each one costs. Pricing

One of the biggest appeals of is a pricing model aimed at empowering all entrepreneurs to access powerful marketing software, not just big brands or agencies.

A Free Forever plan is available which gives you access to all of the core features but with strict usage limits.

systeme io pricing

Unlike most marketing platforms that limit you to short, restrictive trials and lock you into long contracts, Systeme lets you test the real software with no credit card required. However, most serious entrepreneurs will need to upgrade to a paid plan rather quickly.

The Startup plan ($27 per month) is an insane value and enough for most marketers.

Here are some of the limits you need to be aware of with the Starter plan:

  • 5000 contacts
  • 10 sales funnels
  • 50 sales funnel steps
  • 5 blogs
  • 5 courses
  • 10 automation rules
  • 10 email campaigns

If you want unmetered usage of or need to host evergreen webinars, the Enterprise plan ($97 per month) is the way to go.

When you subscribe to the Enterprise plan you get:

  • Unlimited use of most features
  • Evergreen webinar hosting
  • Free business migration
  • 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session

How to Save Money with

Did you know Systeme has an exclusive discount for new users that isn’t advertised on their website?

GoHighLevel Pricing

Designed with scaling agencies in mind, GoHighLevel’s pricing structure is transparent with no hidden fees or transaction costs that nickel and dime you as your business grows.

gohighlevel pricing chart

GoHighLevel only has 2 pricing packages to choose from:

  • Starter ($97 per month)
  • Unlimited ($297 per month)

The most popular plan is their Unlimited plan. For $297 per month you get everything included in the Starter plan plus:

  • API Access
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
  • Branded Desktop App

For those who want to save money, GoHighLevel offers a 17% discount on all annual plans. vs GoHighLevel: The Final Showdown

Comparison Showdown
Advanced FeaturesWhich has the best features?
Ease of UseWhich platform is easiest to learn?
DesignWhich has the best design?
SupportWhich has the best support?
PriceWhich is the lowest price?
Value Which is the best value?

So Which One is the Winner?

who is the winner: or GoHighLevel (GHL)

For this comparison review I’m going to have to rule it a TIE..and I’ll explain why. and GoHighLevel both have their strengths and ideal use cases. is the best choice for solopreneurs and small business owners who need an affordable all-in-one marketing solution to run their online operations.

With features like funnel building, email marketing, and course hosting it empowers entrepreneurs to execute campaigns that attract and convert customers.

For established agencies and service businesses that rely on managing multiple clients, nothing beats GoHighLevel.

Sophisticated lead management, project coordination, and customer communication tools eliminate wasted time so you can focus on delivering value to customers. doesn’t have any CRM or follow-up/scheduling capabilities so if you are an agency owner, GoHighLevel is the software you should use to run your entire operation.

As far as cost is concerned, you can subscribe to the unlimited plan for the same price as the entry-level GoHighLevel plan.

Keep this in mind when choosing which platform to use. vs GoHighLevel Final Words…

Both and GoHighLevel are excellent software platforms catering to the needs of online business owners in very specific ways.

As always, when choosing software for your business it should really come down to your specific needs and goals.

If you have any other questions about of GoHighLevel feel free to leave them below in the comments.

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