8 Affordable Marketing Tools That Can Help Grow Your Business [2024]

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As a business owner, one of the things you need to focus on is digital marketing. It can be tough to know where to begin, but there are some great tools that can help you get started.

The problem is that when you are just starting out, it might not make sense to spend a lot of money subscribing to the best and most expensive marketing tools out there.

The following list is a curated collection of my favorite affordable marketing tools that can help grow your business in 2023.

1. Systeme.io (All-in-one Marketing Platform)

systeme.io homepage
💰 FREE to start; Paid plans range from $27-97 per month

It has functionality similar to tools like Clickfunnels and Kartra, but the monthly subscription fee is literally a fraction of the price (or even free if you are just starting out).

🏆 Best Free Marketing Tool

systeme io logo

Systeme.io is hands down the best FREE all-in-one marketing tool available. It competes with platforms like ClickFunnels and Kartra and costs a fraction of the price.

Systeme gives you access to the following marketing tools:

  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Course Creation
  • Website Builder
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Evergreen Webinar Hosting
  • Marketing Automations

The most expensive plan gives you unlimited contacts and email sends per month which is unheard of even from the top email marketing platforms.

2. GetResponse (Email Marketing Platform)

getresponse homepage
💰 FREE for up to 500 contacts; Paid plans start at $15 per month

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective channels to drive engagement and grow your online business.

Email campaigns deliver a higher ROI than any other type of digital marketing, so focusing on email is a must for any marketer who is worth their weight.

For only $15 per month you get:

  • 1000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Scheduling
  • Website Builder
  • Basic Segmentation

However, the FREE plan is more than enough for most new marketers to get started, so you can save money on another tool subscription while you start making money from your email list.

It’s a win-win!

3. Keyword Atlas (SEO Keyword Research Software)

keyword atlas homepage
💰 $67 one-time purchase; see below for 45% off Private Discount link

The first step of executing any successful content marketing campaign is identifying the right keywords to target.

Tools like Ahrefs and SEMRUSH do an amazing job uncovering lucrative keywords in any niche…but they are both around $100 per month for their most basic plan.

🏆 Best Cheap Keyword Tool

keyword atlas

Keyword Atlas is my favorite inexpensive SEO marketing tool. Unlike most SAAS products, it is a one-time purchase that you use as much as you need.

For only $37 one-time (with my private discount link) Keyword Atlas gives you access to:

  • Autocomplete Data for 21 Top Websites
  • Free Search Volume Data
  • Keyword Idea Generator
  • Related Keywords
  • East Filter and Export Functionality

Keyword Atlas is a no-brainer to buy for anyone who wants to become a keyword super-sleuth and get the most out of their content marketing ROI.

4. SendPulse (Multichannel Marketing Tool)

sendpulse homepage
💰 FREE Plan Available; Paid plans start at $6.40 per month

Multichannel marketing provides several benefits for small business owners such as reaching their target audience through different channels, building brand awareness, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, improving overall ROI, and staying competitive in a crowded marketplace.

SendPulse offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools in one platform, enabling small business owners to access all the marketing channels they need in a single place.

SendPulse’s multiplatform chatbot builder is a major highlight of the company, which enables marketers to easily build chatbots for leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber. SendPulse’s integration with OpenAI provides an added advantage, enabling marketers to create advanced chatbots customized to their business needs using GPT-3 technology.

🏆 Best Chatbot Builder

sendpulse logo

SendPulse’s all-in-one marketing platform with advanced features such as email automation, SMS marketing, web push notifications, and chatbot builder, makes it an ideal solution for small businesses to grow and succeed in a competitive market.

Some of Sendpulse’s top features include:

  • Best in Class Chatbot Builder
  • FREE Email Campaign Sending (Up to 15k emails per month)
  • Landing Page Builder
  • SMS Messaging
  • Online Course Creator
  • Web Push Capabilities
  • Advanced Automation
  • Pop-up Designer

Overall, SendPulse is an excellent tool for small business owners to streamline and enhance their marketing campaigns.

5. PageOptimzer Pro (Onpage SEO Tool)

pageoptimizer pro homepage
💰 FREE 7-day Trial; Paid plans start at $22 per month

Once you find the proper keywords to write about for your content marketing campaigns, the next step is to optimize your posts for Google search.

Tools like Surfer and MarketMuse are great at optimizing content to get on page one of the SERPs, but they also come with hefty price tags.

🏆 Best Cheap SEO Tool

page optimizer pro logo

Page Optimizer Pro is an affordable alternative to expensive on-page optimization tools like Surfer and MarketMuse.

POP includes a bevy of top of the line on-page optimization features such as:

  • Unlimited Reports
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Secret Key Access
  • Content Editor
  • LSI Keyword Recommendations
  • Downloadable Reports

Subscribing to PageOptimizer Pro allows you to properly optimize your content without spending an obscene amount of extra money on another SEO tool.

6. Pin Inspector (Pinterest Spy Tool)

pin inspector homepage
💰 $67 one-time purchase; see below for a special $20 off discount link

While many people think of Pinterest as a place to find recipes or inspiration for your new kitchen remodel, it’s actually one of the best platforms to drive traffic to your online business.

The problem is most people don’t understand how to identify to proper keywords you use for their pins and boards.

🏆 Best Cheap Pinterest Tool

pin inspector logo

Pin Inspector is an affordable all-in-one Pinterest marketing spy tool by the makers of Keyword Atlas. For a small one-time fee, you can use Pin Inspector forever.

For only $47 one-time (with my special discount link) Pin Inspector will help you:

  • Uncover Popular Keywords
  • Discover Top Trends
  • Analyze Competitor Pins
  • Browse and Scrape Your Feed
  • Find the Top Accounts in Any Niche

No matter what type of content you are producing, Pin Inspector can help you unlock the power of Pinterest traffic for your business.

7. Zlappo (Twitter Growth Tool)

zlappo homepage
💰 FREE 7-day Trial; Paid plans start at $12.49 per month

When it comes to digital marketing, Twitter is one of the most misunderstood social media platforms.

There are marketers who make 6-figures on just Twitter traffic alone! It’s that amazing of a traffic source.

🏆 Best Cheap Twitter Growth Tool

Zlappo is my favorite inexpensive Twitter growth tool. It’s never been easier to get more followers and make money online by automating your Twitter account.

Some of Zlappo’s top features include:

  • Evergreen Tweet List
  • Drip (time-interval) Threads
  • Followers & Unfollowers Analytics
  • Engage Directly with your Mentions
  • Auto-retweet All Posts in Intervals

Even if you have never thought about using Twitter marketing for your business, give Zlappo a try and witness the traffic that you have been missing out on.

8. Pictory (Video Marketing Tool)

pictory homepage
💰 FREE Trial (No C/C Required); Paid plans start at $23 per month

Experienced digital marketers understand that in order to stay relevant in the modern online environment, they must produce video content.

The issue is that it’s difficult and time-consuming to create high-quality videos for sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Pictory is an inexpensive tool that helps marketers save time and money when producing video content for their target audience.

🏆 Best Cheap Video Marketing Tool

pictory logo

Pictory is an inexpensive tool that helps marketers create brandable videos from their long-form content such as blog posts and podcasts.

Their free trial lets you try out all of their most popular features including:

  • Convert blog posts to video
  • Create video highlights from longer videos
  • AI-enabled voiceovers
  • Automatic captioning and subtitles
  • Edit videos using text
  • Auto transcribe videos

If you are a content marketer who is looking to up their video marketing game, Pictory is the easiest and most inexpensive solution on the market.

In conclusion…

Making money online is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by overspending on marketing tools.

If you have some favorite cheap marketing tools that have helped grow your business, feel free to leave them in the comments below 👇

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