Keyword Atlas Review and Complete Walkthrough [2024]

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Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of building a successful SEO strategy is understanding how to properly conduct keyword research.

You should always identify the top keywords in any niche before you decide to take it on.

Keyword Atlas: Quick Summary

I personally use Keyword Atlas during my SEO keyword research, so I am more than qualified to give an unbiased review of the software.

πŸ† Inexpensive SEO Tool

keyword atlas
  • Free Trial: No
  • Paid Plans: $47 Lifetime Deal (use my link)
  • Annual Discount: N/A
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days

Overall Score: 4.8


Keyword Atlas is a powerful SEO tool that can help you generate lists of thousands of targeted niche keywords with the click of a button.

With a lifetime Keyword Atlas license you get unlimited access to highly searched keywords from 21 top online websites.

πŸ‘† I negotiated a discounted price and special BONUS!

Keyword Atlas Pros & Cons

An honest review of Keyword Atlas wouldn’t be complete without listing BOTH the positives AND negatives of the software.


  • Autocomplete Data from 21 Top Websites
  • Available for PC & Mac
  • 7 Valuable Bonuses Included
  • Lifetime License


  • So many features the learning curve can be a bit steep

Keyword Atlas Features

There are dozens of paid tools available that claim to help you uncover low competition buyer keywords, but most of them fall short in one department.

They rely on outdated data.

I used to do my keyword research by manually typing keywords into Google and using the Alphabet Soup Method to get real-time autocomplete data. Then I would copy and paste each individual result into a Google Sheet.

It took hours….sometimes days to complete a large project.

Keyword Atlas is so powerful that it can achieve the same results with just a couple of clicks and in less than 5 minutes.

Autocomplete Keywords

Keyword Atlas gives you real-time autocomplete data, not archived keyword data that is often 2-3 months behind.

It’s perfect for identifying money keywords that people are actually searching for right now.

πŸ–₯️ Keyword Atlas pulls autocomplete data from 21 top websites including:

  • Google 
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Walmart
  • Etsy

Keyword Atlas can also run a query for just info keywords as well, generating thousands of relevant results from multiple search engines in less than 5 minutes.

It’s pretty amazing actually.

The process of outlining all of the keywords for your site is painless using just this one tool.

Custom Column Filters

You can filter your keyword reports using their proprietary metrics and save them to a .CSV or .TXT file for further analysis.

If you don’t want to spend the money on Ahrefs or SEMRUSH you can effectively complete your initial keyword research with just Keyword Atlas and a variety of free keyword search volume tools.

Lifetime License

Keyword Atlas isn’t a recurring SAAS product, so rather than paying a monthly subscription fee, you only pay a small one-time fee to download it onto your computer. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

For $37 you own this software for life. No recurring fees or yearly charges. 

Plus Dave regularly updates Keyword Atlas with new features. 

There is no better SEO software deal on the market!

How to Download Keyword Atlas

Once you complete your purchase you will have access to download both the Windows and macOS versions of the software.

How to Use Keyword Atlas

Keyword Atlas has a pretty intuitive interface, and the learning curve is almost non-existent. Even a beginner online marketer will be able to achieve powerful results with just a few keystrokes.

When you first open Keyword Atlas on your device you will be greeted with a welcome screen.

keyword atlas welcome screen

The creator (Dave Guindon) uses the welcome screen as an opportunity to promote his other products, as well as to relay information about new Keyword Atlas updates.

There is a row of buttons and 2 other tabs across the top of the program window. The main tab you will be using during your keyword research is the Suggest Keywords tab.

keyword atlas start screen

The Suggest Keywords tab is where you input your root keyword for Keyword Atlas to analyze.

You can choose to search autocomplete data globally or by a specific country.

choose country

The feature that really sets Keyword Atlas apart from the competition is the number of search engines and websites you can choose to analyze autocomplete data from.

You can choose from any combination of 21 of the top online sites to conduct your search.

πŸ“ The more sites you check, the longer it takes Keyword Atlas to complete the query.

choose sources

There is also the option to extend the depth of your autocomplete searches.

By default Keyword Atlas uses the “a-z” search range option.

For example, if you search for the phrase “pellet stove” it will append a single letter to the beginning and end of the search phrase and cycle through the entire alphabet.

If you choose the search range option “aa-zz” Keyword Atlas will append 2 letters to the beginning and end of the search phrase.

In my personal use, I haven’t found any additional advantage in using the “aa-zz” option.

πŸ“ It will take an extremely long time to complete the query if you use the “aa-zz” option with multiple sources checked.

choose search range

If you are choosing to search for keywords using multiple sources, a feature that can be helpful in analyzing your results is customizing the Keyword Position Score.

This customization screen allows you to weigh the importance a particular source has in the overall Position Score of a result.

For example, if you are running a search using Google, Bing, and Yahoo as sources and you believe the autocomplete data Google returns is the most important you could set the scores as:

  • Google – 10
  • Bing – 8
  • Yahoo- 6

πŸ“ The settings above are what I use when running queries for informational keywords.

keyword position score

Once you have your settings and search options set to your liking, all you have to do is click Start and let Keyword Atlas do its magic.

Within minutes you will have hundreds, if not thousands of autocomplete results that you can use to start your keyword research process with.

suggest keywords

Once I run the initial search for my root keyword, I will then move on to some more advanced searches and really nail down the keywords I need for every step of the buyer journey.

The Idea Generator is the real workhorse of Keyword Atlas. Within seconds it allows you to generate super longtail searches sorted by intent and grab the corresponding autocomplete data.

The first thing that I do after running my initial search is run a search for just informational keywords.

I enter the singular and plural versions of my root keyword into the corresponding fields and add all of the How and Why queries provided to the Search List.

keyword phrase idea generator

Once you hit OK you will return to the main screen and all of those queries will auto-populate the Search Phrase field and you can click Start.

When Keyword Atlas has completed its search, you will have hundreds of long-tail informational topics to target in your content.

πŸ“ Performed manually, a search like this could take days. The same search using Keyword Atlas takes 3-5 minutes.

idea generator results

After you have all of your autocomplete keywords, you can then choose to filter them by Position Score.

You can also set constraints on which keywords you want to see based on a minimum Position Score.

πŸ“ If I have 500+ results, I will filter out any keyword with a position score of less than 90 before I move onto the next step.

position score filter

Now that you have all of these new keywords, you need to get a ballpark idea of their search volumes in order to determine if you want to target them.

Thankfully, Keyword Atlas plays nice with 2 of the best free sources of keyword search volume data currently available. and Google Keyword Planner.

Pick your source of choice and click the Copy button and Keyword Atlas will send as many keywords as each tool allows directly to your clipboard.

export keywords to find search volume

All you need to do is paste the data into the tool you chose and submit the keywords.

exported keywords in

Viola! Now you have some search informational keywords and a rough estimate of their search volume that you can export into a .CSV for further examination. results

You can also use the Idea Generator to uncover longtail buyer keywords.

Simply choose all of the appropriate queries from the Best and Top and Reviews sections and add them to your Search List.

keyword phrase idea generator

After you run a search you should have hundreds of longtail buyer keywords to target in your content.

As you did with your informational keywords, check the results in your tool of choice to obtain monthly search volume estimates.

suggest keywords

My favorite way to find hot buyer keywords and products to review is by only using Amazon as the source.

Running a keyword search on Amazon gives you access to autocomplete data from the largest eCommerce site on the planet.

The results will yield the highest intent buyer keywords that people in the purchasing phase (final step) of their buyer journey are searching for.

Cross-referencing this list with the buyer keyword list you produced from the Idea Generator will give you a master list of every viable commercial keyword.

I do a lot of marketing on Pinterest and Keyword Atlas makes coming up with board names and content ideas a breeze.

Use Pinterest as your source to get all of the autocomplete data from its users.

If you are a video marketer or content creator there is no better tool on the market to quickly discover longtail video search queries for Youtube.

Keyword Atlas Pricing

There are currently 2 pricing tiers available for Keyword Atlas:

Personal ($47 Lifetime License) – Install on 2 computers, personal use only

Commercial & Outsource ($67 Lifetime License) – Install on 10 computers, personal and commercial use

keyword atlas pricing chart

Keyword Atlas OTOs

Once you purchase Keyword Atlas, you will receive 2 additional One Time Offers (OTOs) that you can participate in.

OTO #1 – Page Activator

Page Activator is a very powerful piece of software that helps re-activate abandoned website visitors.

With Page Activator, you can add code to any webpage that displays a blinking title in the browser tab once the user clicks on a different tab. You can also add sound alerts to draw attention back to your website.

There are no plugins to install, and you can use Page Activator technology on any website regardless of platform.

This OTO gives you the right to install Page Activator on an unlimited amount of computers. You can even use it on client sites.

OTO #2 – Facebook Software Bundle (4-in-1)

The second OTO available when you purchase Keyword Atlas is a Facebook Software bundle that includes 4 different powerful pieces of software.

βœ… Included in the bundle are:

  • Social Page Analyzer – Uncover the secrets behind any FB page
  • Social Ad Creator – 320+ templates based on winning ad designs
  • Audience Analyzer – Uncover thousands of profitable interest keyword phrases
  • Social Post Browser – Uncover top-performing FB posts

This OTO gives you the right to install all of the software on up to 10 computers with full commercial rights.

Keyword Atlas FAQ

How many computers can you install Keyword Atlas on?

With the Personal license, you can install the software on up to 3 computers, with the Commercial & Outsource license you can install it on up to 10.

How long is a Keyword Atlas license valid for?

Any purchase of Keyword Atlas includes a lifetime license for all future updates. Purchase it once, and use it forever.

What is the refund policy?

Keyword Atlas comes with a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

In Conclusion

If you are trying to make a living online, at some point you will need to evaluate the keywords that your buyers are searching for on their journey.

Keyword Atlas is the best piece of software I have found to identify these keywords.

The fact that it is a small one-time investment and not a recurring monthly charge is just icing on the cake!

Purchasing Keyword Atlas is one of the rare no-brainer decisions when it comes to online marketing expenses.

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