KoalaWriter Review (Is it the Best AI Blogging Tool?) [2024]

koalawriter ai review

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In this comprehensive KoalaWriter review, I assess the capabilities, user-friendliness, and overall performance of this AI writing assistant when writing a long-form blog post.


  • KoalaWriter leverages GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 AI to help bloggers easily create high-quality, long-form content. Just choose a topic, edit the AI-generated outline, and hit “Write Article”.
  • Unique features like integrating real-time Google search results into the AI writing process produce extremely relevant, accurate content.
  • After trying over 20 different AI writing tools, I rank KoalaWriter #2 as the best AI writer
  • Koala used to be the best AI writing tool but now I recommend Cuppa AI

KoalaWriter Review: Upfront Recommendation

Previously, I used KoalaWriter to produce AI content for my portfolio of blogs/niche sites, but have since moved on to a different tool. Now I use Cuppa for all of my AI content needs.

KoalaWriter really changed the game when it first came out. It WAS in my opinion the best AI content writer available

But Cuppa provides near identical quality content while letting you use your own set of OpenAI API keys to pump out posts at a fraction of the cost.

If you are a blogger or niche site owner looking for an easy way to leverage AI-generated content for your sites, Cuppa is the best platform to get high-quality articles for pennies.

However, if you don’t have access to the OpenAI API then Koala is going to be the next best option.

What is KoalaWriter?

KoalaWriter is an AI writing tool that helps content creators produce long-form blog posts in minutes instead of days.

koalawriter homepage

Writing a blog post with KoalaWriter is as easy as choosing your target keyword, editing the AI-generated outline to your liking, and hitting the Write Article button.

Seriously…it’s that simple!

🏆 Editor’s Choice

KoalaWriter AI

Overall Score: 5.0

KoalaWriter is my favorite new AI blogging tool that quickly produces “hit the publish button” quality blog posts. I’ve tried over 20 AI writing tools and KoalaWriter hands down has the best GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 output while remaining very inexpensive.


  • Can try before you buy (5k free words of output)
  • Choose between GPT-3.5(turbo) or GPT-4 output
  • Uses real-time search data (BETA)
  • Let AI generate the outline and then edit it before writing the post
  • Inexpensive (Plans start at $9)


  • The user interface is plain
  • GPT-4 credits are 5x the usage of GPT-3.5 (will come down as OpenAI lowers GPT-4 pricing)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Does KoalaWriter Still Have a Lifetime Deal (LTD)

The team at KoalaWriter initially offered a Lifetime Deal during their launch but sadly it ended on March 27th, 2023.

koalawriter ltd page

I got in early and opted for the Professional Plan. This package gives me 100k words of AI output per month.

If you have deep pockets there is even a plan that includes 10 million words per month!

Should KoalaWriter offer a Lifetime Deal again in the future you can be sure that I’ll include a link to it in this post!

🐨 Want to check out the (now expired) Lifetime Deal page on the KoalaWriter site —> Get KoalaWriter LTD

KoalaWriter Features

KoalaWriter offers bloggers a number of features that simplify the process of producing high-quality long-form AI content.

Real-Time Search Results

In my eyes, one of the features of KoalaWriter that sets it apart from the competition is the option to include data from Google search results when the AI content is being written.

Enabling the Use Real-Time Search Results option in KoalaWriter can help you generate better-quality content.

koalawriter realtime search results

I’m pretty sure this is the secret sauce that makes KoalaWriter better than the competition.

So how does it work?

KoalaWriter gathers data from top-ranking web pages related to your chosen topic, which can then be utilized by the AI tool to write each section of your post with greater accuracy and relevance

Every time I’ve chosen to use the real-time search results, it has resulted in much higher quality overall output.

AI-Powered Outline Editor

Many AI Writing tools come equipped with the ability to create an outline. This isn’t some sort of groundbreaking new feature.

That is until you watch KoalaWriter’s outline editor in action…

The first step is to enable the Use Outline Editor option and click the Create Outline button.

koalawriter outline editor

The outline creation process usually takes around 10-20 seconds, and then you are presented with an outline of H2s and H3s for your chosen topic.

koalawriter outline example

Before you have KoalaWriter write your entire post you can add and delete headings to get output that is more aligned with what you want your post to look like.

koalawriter outline add section

Once you have the post outline exactly to your liking, all you need to do is click the Write Article button and your AI blog post will begin to generate right before your eyes.

Tone of Voice Options

By default, KoalaWriter is set to write posts in an SEO-optimized tone of voice. However, if you want your content to be written in a specific style or tone, all you need to do is adjust the Tone of Voice setting in the tool’s interface.

koalawriter tone of voice setting

This feature allows for greater flexibility and customization, ensuring that your blog posts are tailored to your brand’s unique voice.

Advanced Options

Clicking on Advanced Options in KoalaWriter uncovers three additional prompts that can help the tool generate the best possible output for your blog post.

  • Extra Title Prompt
  • Extra Content Prompt
  • Extra Introduction Prompt

These prompts work alongside the AI to provide additional context, enabling the tool to create more accurate and relevant content. By utilizing these prompts, you can ensure that your blog posts are tailored to better help your specific audience

After experimenting with all three, I’ve discovered that using them significantly improves the quality of KoalaWriter’s AI-generated output.

New KoalaWriter Features (Updated: September 19, 2023)

In this section, I’ll cover all of the newest features (and improvements) added by the KoalaWriter team.

After testing many of these updates myself, I continue to be impressed with how this AI writing tool is evolving.

Amazon Single Product Reviews

KoalaWriter now has a dedicated article type for creating detailed Amazon product reviews.

Just enter a product URL and it will generate a full review article instantly.

There’s also a condensed mode for shorter reviews.

This is perfect for enhancing topical authority by covering specific products versus general roundups. The AI avoids repetition and fluff.

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 both produce great results.

Rewrite Blog Posts

The long-awaited rewrite blog post mode finally arrived!

Input any article URL and KoalaWriter will scrape the content, identify headings, and rewrite the entire post using that outline.

It also extracts background information from the original to provide context.

This is extremely versatile for updating old posts, translating content, integrating real-time data/SEO, and more.

AI Image Generation

KoalaWriter integrated AI image generation into the KoalaChat feature.

Just use the /dream command and it will automatically generate images based on your prompt without needing additional context.

They are also building this directly into KoalaWriter itself (coming in a future update).

Internal Linking

A new “URLs to Link To” field allows entering up to 100 URLs that will be automatically linked where relevant in the generated article.

Eventually, KoalaWriter will index your entire site and add internal links automatically without needing any input.

Background Information

You can now provide background information to give the AI additional context.

This works by entering text directly or a URL that will be scraped.

Enable the outline editor, click Edit on a section, enter your background info, and click Save.

Streamlined Article Creation

A new Create Article From Settings button lets you save settings from one article and instantly apply them to generate more articles.

You can bookmark the URL for quick access as well.

This is handy if you run out of credits halfway through an article; just click this button, remove completed sections, and pick up where you left off.

Export All Articles

The library page added an export all articles button for easily downloading everything in a single click.

Bulk Project Management

You can now bulk select and move articles between projects all at once on the library page.

SERP Filtering for Real-Time Data

Real-time data has new filtering options:

  • Default: Uses top-ranking SERP results
  • Scholarly: Only scholarly sources
  • Custom: Custom search operators

Other Enhancements

  • Optional FAQ section with schema integration
  • Projects feature and new library page
  • GPT-4 support for outlines
  • Improved introductions and key takeaways
  • New video to blog post type (multilingual)
  • Custom tone of voice
  • Choose WordPress site to publish on
  • Better default slugs
  • Remove individual articles from the queue
  • More KoalaChat commands

BONUS – KoalaChat

When you sign up for KoalaWriter, you also get access to their ChatGPT interface called KoalaChat.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use KoalaChat extensively, as I primarily rely on TypingMind with the OpenAI API when directly chatting with AI.

KoalaWriter Pricing

Up next, I’ll examine the available pricing plans offered by KoalaWriter…

Free Trial (5k Words of Output)

Before I jump into the paid options, I want to once again point out that you can get 5k words of output totally FREE (no strings attached).

Just follow this link and start writing.

Prior to purchasing my KoalaWriter license, I used their free credits to generate four publish-ready posts for one of my websites. It’s not often in life that something good is truly free!

Monthly Plans (Starting at $9 per month)

I believe that purchasing the KoalaWriter Lifetime Deal while it is still available is the wisest choice, but users can also opt for any of the paid plans on a month-to-month basis.

Paid plans start at $9 per month (Essentials Plan) for 15k words of output.

You can visit the KoalaWriter pricing page HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any additional questions regarding KoalaWriter that weren’t already covered in this review? If so, please refer to the section below 👇

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. You can request a refund for up to 15 days after your initial purchase.

Does unused usage carry over to the next month?

No. Every month your usage resets to the current plan limit.

Why are GPT-4 credits more expensive?

OpenAI made GPT-4 credits more expensive during the initial launch. Just as GPT-3.5 credits decreased in price over time, many anticipate the same thing will happen with GPT-4 credits.

KoalaWriter Review: The Final Verdict

Rarely do I end a review by saying something is a “must purchase immediately” tool, but KoalaWriter is just that good.

If you are a blogger or a niche site owner who wants to dip their toes into AI content creation at scale, I highly recommend trying out KoalaWriter.


  1. I am having trouble understanding if koala writer should be used with surfer seo for better results, or just for competitive keywords. Or how it can be combined with chatgpt + surfer seo for better article structure and results.

    1. I think it’s always a good idea to use some sort of onpage optimization regardless of how you produce your content.

      I’ll give you the process I use to polish up my KoalaWriter content so it ranks well:

      1) Use a tool like QuillBot to paraphrase, reword, or shorten passages that seem wordy or AI-generated
      2) Run an onpage optimizer like Surfer or PageOptimizer Pro and edit to get the keyword suggestions in the post
      3) Do a plagiarism check using QueText (or your favorite plagiarism checker)

      I think KoalaWriter content is really great out of the gate with just a couple of button presses. But putting a little extra effort into editing the output will go a long way when it comes to not only ranking on Google but the overall reader experience.

      Hope this helps!

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