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niche site 101 how to build profitable websites

Welcome to Niche Site 101, a FREE niche site building course where I am going to show you my proven method for making money online.

By going through Niche Site 101 from beginning to end, I’m providing you with the opportunity to leverage all of my successes (and failures) in order to get your niche site business off the ground.

My suggestions are based on thousands of hours of work and more money spent than I can count.

I understand that the people taking this course are coming from various levels of niche site building experience.

My goal is to give a true beginner the ability to be successful without having to waste unnecessary time.

But even if you are reading this as an advanced online marketer or site builder, I hope you still can take a few nuggets of knowledge away from my method.

Remember these are just my suggestions, from my personal experiences.

NFA/DYOR: Just like any investment, there is a wide array of possible outcomes when building a niche site. If you are serious about making money with niche sites, I encourage you to explore as many sources on the subject as possible and make your own decisions based on what you learn.

Niche Site 101: Course Breakdown

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2. How to Choose a Profitable Niche

Finding a winnable niche is the key to running a profitable niche site business. I’ll give you some insight into how to pick the right niche.

5. How to Install WordPress (COMING SOON)

I’ll show you exactly how I setup WordPress on my hosting.

6. Best Premium WordPress Themes for Niche Sites (COMING SOON)

There are plenty of WordPress themes to choose from. I’ll show you the ones that I prefer to start my niche sites on.

7. How to Perform Keyword Research (COMING SOON)

Choosing which keywords to write for is the most crucial step of building a new niche site. I’ll walk you through my process.

8. How to Create Niche Site Content that Converts (COMING SOON)

Converting clicks into dollars is the name of the game when it comes to affiliate marketing. I’ll show you some tricks to make more money from your traffic.

9. How to Use AI Writing Tools (COMING SOON)

AI writing assistants are all the rage in the niche site world. I’ll give you a few tips for using them to produce content that Google likes.

10. Ultimate Guide to Niche Site Backlink Building (COMING SOON)

This module is an in-depth look at exactly how and when I build backlinks to my niche site. I even include a backlink building timeline for the first year of a new site.

11. How to Format Money Pages (COMING SOON)

If you are promoting affiliate products on your niche site, your money pages are going to be an important part of your revenue. I’ll show you step-by-step how I build money pages for my sites.

12. Complete Guide to Niche Site Affiliate Marketing (COMING SOON)

This module is an overview of affiliate marketing as a whole and how it applies to niche site builders.

13. Display Ads Blueprint (COMING SOON)

Once you get traffic, display ads will provide you with a dependable stream of income. Learn about the various networks and how you can make the most money from the ads on your niche site.

14. How to Use Email Marketing to Grow a Niche Site (COMING SOON)

Advanced niche site builders will want to squeeze every last penny out of their traffic. Learn how to use email marketing to make more money and bring visitors back to your site.

15. How to Sell Digital Products on a Niche Site (COMING SOON)

I’ll never forget when someone told me “Make a digital product once…sell it forever”. Learn how I approach adding digital products to my niche sites and why I think they’re so important.

16. My Niche Site Pinterest Marketing Strategy REVEALED (COMING SOON)

Pinterest is one of the most misunderstood traffic sources. I’ll show you how I send 100k+ visitors to my niche sites every year from Pinterest.

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