How to Become a TikTok Shop Affiliate (Get Accepted on the FIRST Try) [2024]

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TikTok’s integrated e-commerce feature, TikTok Shop, presents an exciting opportunity for creators to earn commissions as affiliates. So, how do you make the cut and get accepted on your first try? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process to set your TikTok Shop Affiliate application up for success.

TikTok Shop Affiliate TL;DR

  • TikTok Shop lets creators seamlessly promote and sell products in-app to tap into frictionless social commerce.
  • The affiliate program grants access to a massive buying audience and built-in virality for huge sales potential.
  • Getting started involves eligibility, applying in-app, choosing brands strategically, and optimizing promotions for maximum conversions.

What is TikTok Shop?

Picture this – you’re mid-scroll, laughing at hilarious meme sketches and mesmerized by dog videos.

Suddenly a video of a girl applying makeup grabs your attention, and you pause to admire her shimmery eyeshadow.

With two quick taps, that must-have makeup product can be on its way to your front door.

Welcome to the world of social-fueled commerce, TikTok style.

what is tiktok shop

Launched in 2021, TikTok Shop makes the app a one-stop shop for inspiration and instant purchasing.

While watching TikTok videos, users can click on tagged products featured to explore item details, read reviews, and complete checkouts seamlessly without leaving TikTok.

For merchants and creators, TikTok Shop presents a major opportunity to turn audience reach into revenue.

The TikTok Shop affiliate program empowers users to earn commissions promoting brands they love to their engaged follower base.

With livestream shopping functionality and shoppable ads also part of the TikTok Shop ecosystem, commerce capabilities on the platform are only growing by the day.

But how do you get started as an affiliate? It’s as simple as a one-click application!

Why You Should Consider TikTok Shop Affiliate Marketing

TikTok’s massive user base and video-centric format enable affiliates to showcase products creatively to a highly engaged, buying-ready audience.

Virality is built-in via memes and challenges, allowing organic amplification.

tiktok shop affiliate example
Example of a viral TikTik Shop Affiliate Video

Most importantly, TikTok’s incredibly addicting experience leads to astronomical watch times and impression potential. No other platform converts entertainment into shopping so frictionlessly.

TikTok gives affiliates access to motivated buyers drawn in by creative, viral, shoppable videos.

How to Become a TikTok Affiliate (Stey-by-Step)

tiktiok shop affiliate how to join

1. Do You Meet the Eligibility Requirements?

The TikTok Shop affiliate application happens seamlessly within the TikTok app once you meet the eligibility criteria.

TikTok Shop Affiliate Criteria:

  • 1,000+ followers
  • 18+ years old
  • A business account
  • Reside in an eligible country

Having 1,000 followers is the bare minimum. The more social proof you have, the better your chances of acceptance.

After ensuring age/location eligibility, switch to a Business Account if you haven’t already.

2. Submit Your Affiliate Application

Starting up your Creator account can be done inside the TikTok App. Use your existing account and follow the steps to apply.

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Open your TikTok app and go to your profile. Look for the Apply button to become a TikTok Shop Creator.
  2. Ensure your account meets the checklist of requirements (see above)
  3. You can submit your application with one click if you meet the threshold requirements.
  4. If your application is not immediately approved, you can open a support ticket for further review.

3. Get Set Up as a TikTok Shop Affiliate

Once approved into the TikTok Shop Affiliate program, it’s time to put your influencing skills to work!

Follow these steps to start selling as a TikTok Shop affiliate:

  1. Browse the Shop tab and find relevant products to promote
  2. Get approval from sellers to be an affiliate
  3. Provide contact info to sellers
  4. Curate a product showcase optimized for your niche
  5. Obtain free samples from brands to showcase in promotional content

Instead of applying to many brands randomly, carefully choose a few brands that closely match your niche and style.

When creators and sellers align in trust and vision, both reap the rewards.

BONUS: Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates as a TikTok Shop Affiliate

Driving followers to actually purchase the products you showcase is the key to earning high commissions as a TikTok Shop affiliate.

Stand out from the crowd and boost conversion rates with these top tips:

Hook Viewers Early

Opening sequences set the tone. Utilize attention-grabbing questions, eye-catching visuals, or suspense to capture interest quickly.

Leave the audience wanting more to pique their curiosity to keep watching.

Share Exclusive Discounts

Incentivize checkouts by negotiating limited-time promo codes from brands.

Creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) is one of the most effective ways to get consumers to purchase a product they don’t necessarily need.

Show Product Visuals

Prominently display images/videos of products for at least 3-5 seconds. Allow viewers to admire details closely.

Utilize close-up shots from all angles and include some lifestyle imagery displaying it in action to help build desire.

Demonstrate Product Value

Highlight stand-out features and benefits through demonstrations. Convince viewers why they absolutely need this item.

For example, showcase the noise-cancellation capabilities of headphones or the convenient compartments on a bag.

Add Urgency to Buy

Prompt urgency by reminding viewers that featured promo codes are limited-time only or products are selling out fast.

For example “Discount only available this week!” or “Limited quantities left!”.

Final Thoughts…

As TikTok continues reshaping pop culture and consumer behavior, becoming a TikTok Shop Affiliate means you now hold the keys to tap into this unique marketplace.

Now is the time to cement your status as an affiliate understanding the power of shoppable videos.

Compelling storytelling meets instant customer gratification – the ultimate recipe for long-term affiliate success and profits.

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