How to Start a WordPress Blog on WPX Hosting – A Complete Walkthrough [2024]

how to start a blog on wpx hosting

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A lot of people want to launch their own blog. But they are unsure of where to start.

You see, not all hosting services are created equal, and picking the wrong hosting provider is the worst thing you could do.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of setting up a WordPress blog on WPX hosting.

wpx logo
  • From: $24.95 / month
  • Traffic allowed: 100GB
  • Uptime: 99.95%
  • Load time: 0.82s

With plans starting at $24.95 a month for up to 5 sites and access to their own CDN network, you can be sure that your websites will load incredibly quickly wherever in the world.

Why Start a Blog on WPX?

We recently ranked WPX as our Fastest Host for Bloggers…and for good reason!

The speed of WPX is unrivaled by any other shared hosting company we’ve tested.

Some of the top reasons to consider beginning a blog with WPX are:

  • Fastest shared hosting tested (.82s load time)
  • 24/7/365 chat support (Best support hands down)
  • Free staging instances and site migration
  • WPX Cloud CDN included

These are only a few of the many benefits of starting your WordPress blog on WPX hosting.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on WPX (Step-by-step Instructions)

If you follow the step-by-step procedures listed below, you can quickly and easily launch a blog with WPX 👇

Step 1: How to get a WPX hosting account

wpx hosting homepage

Step 2: Choose your pricing plan

The next step is to choose the plan that most closely matches your needs.

wpx hosting pricing page

Most bloggers will only ever need to purchase the Basic Plan.

It is $24.99 per month (with my discount) and you can build up to 5 sites.

If you are building a large portfolio, then you may need to upgrade to the Professional or Elite Plan.

The Elite Plan allows you to create up to 35 websites on the same server.

However, most bloggers only need to purchase either the Basic or Plus Plan.

Step 3: Choose a domain name for your blog

Now that you have chosen your WPX plan, the next step is to set up a domain name to use for your blog.

When you reach this stage of the signup procedure, you have a choice between two paths:

  1. Use a domain name you already own
  2. Search for and purchase a new domain name

Doing so will save you money on the initial registration AND all subsequent renewals.

If you already own your blog’s domain name then enter it now.

Step 4: Choose your hosting country location

Once you have chosen the domain you want to use for your blog, it’s time to choose your hosting location.

wpx hosting location

There are 3 country choices for your server location:

  • USA (Chicago)
  • UK (London)
  • Australia (Sydney)

Regardless of where you are physically located, choose the country that is closest to where the majority of your blog traffic is coming from.

Step 4: Finish your signup and registration

wpx finish setup

Make sure to turn your VPN off before submitting payment, or your purchase could be marked as a fraudulent transaction.

wpx choose payment method

You may also want to read over WPX’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy before you continue checking out.

Step 5. Install WordPress on WPX

To correctly install WordPress on your WPX account, follow the instructions below 👇

  1. Log in to your WPX hosting account
  2. Navigate to your hosting plan
  3. Go to the Manage Websites menu
  4. Click on the Manage WP button for the site you want to install WordPress on
  5. Choose the Install WordPress on website option
  6. Fill in your website and account details
  7. Click on Install WordPress to complete the installation

wpx install wordpress

You can begin setting up your blog now that WordPress has been installed and connected to the appropriate domain name!

Your WordPress blog can be built in a variety of ways. Once you begin the building process, you will need to think about themes, plugins, and layouts.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Blog on WPX

You should always consider all of the positives and negatives of any hosting company before starting your blog on its servers.

  • Pros
  • Lightning fast servers
  • Best live chat support team
  • Free site speed optimization ($300 value)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cons
  • More expensive than other slower shared hosting companies
  • Storage limits are on the lower side (10GB for Business Plan)
  • No plan available for only hosting a single website

Who Should Choose WPX Hosting?

If you are a blogger who wants to start their blog with an extremely fast host that has award-winning customer service then you should choose WPX as your hosting provider.

Who Should Not Choose WPX Hosting?

If price is your #1 priority when choosing a host for your blog then you should start with a more inexpensive hosting solution like Bluehost.

However, if you are interested in a cheaper month-to-month option then a flexible cloud-based host like Cloudways may be what you are looking for.

WPX Hosting for Bloggers FAQ

The most frequent questions about setting up a blog on WPX hosting are listed here:

Can you make money from a blog hosted on WPX?

Yes, you can make money from your WPX hosted blog.

As long as you monetize your blog there is always an opportunity to make money.

How does somebody contact WPX customer support?

The easiest way to get in contact with WPX customer support is through the live chat portal accessible from your account dashboard.

Alternatively you can open a support ticket HERE.

What is the difference between WPX and WordPress?

WPX is a web hosting provider, and WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS).

Think of it this way, WPX is where you build your blog and WordPress is how you build your blog.

Are blogs hosted on WPX secure?

Yes, your blog is secure when hosted by WPX.

Every domain name is issued a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate which authenticates your blog’s identity and enables an encrypted connection

Do I get an email account with my WPX hosting package?

Yes, WPX does provide the option to create a business email with any hosting plan.

All plans allow you to create unlimited email addresses.

Can you transfer a blog from another host to WPX?

Yes, WPX will take care of the migration of your existing blog or website to WPX for FREE.

Final Thoughts…

WPX is the fastest solution for bloggers to host their WordPress websites.

WPX is a great option for anyone who is new to blogging, already runs a blog on a non-WordPress CMS, or is simply looking for a quicker hosting alternative.

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