What is Stan Store? (Pricing + My Review) [2024]

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Struggling to monetize your social media presence effectively? In this post, we’ll review Stan Store, the game-changing platform that could revolutionize how content creators, influencers, and digital entrepreneurs sell directly to their audience.


  • Stan Store is a platform that allows social media influencers and creators to sell digital products to their followers. It integrates directly with platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Pricing starts at $29/month for the Creator plan. Stan Store doesn’t take a cut of your sales.
  • Key features include selling digital downloads, booking calendars, membership sites, webinars, email marketing, and more.
  • Compared to Linktree, Stan Store focuses more on e-commerce and monetization. Compared to Shopify, it is designed specifically for social media creators.

Is Stan Store Worth it?

From unparalleled ease of use to its no-fee revenue model, Stan Store is a compelling choice for content creators looking to monetize themselves.

The platform’s seamless integration with social media ensures an intuitive user experience, likely boosting sales conversions. For those active on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, exploring Stan Store could be a game-changing move.

Whether you’re selling digital products, offering courses, or seeking to grow your email list, Stan Store’s simplicity and efficiency are hard to match.

My Verdict: You’ll love Stan Store – it’s a total game-changer for easily monetizing your social channels. Take advantage of their 14-day free trial to see for yourself!

What is a Stan Store?

stan store homepage

Stan Store is a digital platform designed with the goal of converting followers into paying customers.

Imagine your “link-in-bio” not just as a doorway but as a money-making storefront.

At its core, Stan Store simplifies the process of selling digital products. It removes the barriers creators often face when attempting to monetize their content.

The platform is the brainchild of John Hu, who, driven by a desire to provide a better monetization experience than platforms like Shopify or Etsy, launched Stan Store.

He focused on minimizing fees and maximizing ease of use, all with an eye-catching interface that encourages increased sales.

🏆 Best Store for Creators

Stan Store

Overall Score: 4.5

Stan Store provides everything you need to build a profitable online store. With an intuitive drag & drop store builder and built-in marketing tools, anyone can create a beautiful ecommerce website.


  • Easy to use store builder
  • Best link-in-bio style storefront option
  • Built-in email + social marketing


  • Limited payment gateway options

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

stan store homepage

Who is Stan Store For?

Stan Store serves as an ideal solution for individuals or businesses in various niches who want to streamline the process of selling digital products, courses, memberships, or services directly to their followers without navigating away from their preferred social platform.

Here’s a closer look at who might benefit from using Stan Store…

who is stan store for?

Digital Product Sellers

Emma is a talented graphic designer specializing in creating high-quality social media templates for small businesses. She uses Stan Store to sell her designs directly on Instagram, where she showcases her work.

By integrating Stan Store into her profile, she offers her followers a smooth transition from browsing her content to purchasing her templates.

Her digital storefront looks like a natural extension of her Instagram profile, making it easy for clients to buy without feeling like they left the app.

Educators and Coaches

Jason is a fitness coach who has developed a series of online workout programs catering to different fitness levels. Through Stan Store, he sells access to these programs and manages bookings for personal coaching sessions.

His followers on TikTok, where he shares fitness tips and snippets from his programs, can directly purchase his courses or book a session by visiting his Stan Store link, ensuring a seamless experience.

Influencers with Merchandise

Lily, a well-known lifestyle influencer, has a loyal following on Facebook and Instagram. She decides to launch a line of eco-friendly lifestyle products.

By setting up a Stan Store, Lily can sell her merchandise directly to her followers. Her Stan Store enables her to maintain her brand’s aesthetic and provides her audience with an easy way to support her by purchasing her recommended products.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Alex and Jamie are indie game developers who recently launched their first game. They use Stan Store to sell digital downloads of their game and related merchandise.

By promoting their Stan Store on their social media channels, they provide a direct, hassle-free buying experience for their supporters, helping to increase their sales and grow their gaming community.

Service Providers

Sofia is a freelance photographer who specializes in portrait photography. She uses Stan Store to book photoshoot sessions and sell photography packages.

Her Instagram showcases her portfolio, and through a link to her Stan Store, clients can easily book a session or purchase a package.

This integration allows Sofia to manage her bookings efficiently while focusing on her photography.

Email Marketers

Tom is a digital marketing expert who offers consultancy services and runs an email marketing course. He uses Stan Store to grow his email list by offering a free eBook on digital marketing tips in exchange for email sign-ups.

Tom promotes his Stan Store across his LinkedIn and Twitter, where he shares insights on marketing trends.

This strategy allows him to directly engage with his audience and convert followers into email subscribers.

Stan Store Pricing

When exploring online sales platforms, pricing is a critical factor that can impact your overall profitability.

Stan Store offers straightforward plans designed to accommodate your selling needs without hidden fees.

To get a taste of what the platform offers, you can start with a 14-day free trial. Once the trial period concludes, you have the option to continue with one of the two main subscription tiers depending on the scale of your operation.

The Creator tier is priced at $29 a month, and this includes the essentials for launching your Stan Store.

It comes with a mobile-optimized store, calendar bookings for your services, and the ability to sell courses and memberships.

Plus, you can grow your audience with an integrated email sign-up feature.

If you’re ready to commit for a longer stretch, you can opt for the annual plan at $300, saving yourself a couple of months’ worth in fees.

If your needs are more extensive, the Creator Pro tier caters to advanced sellers for $99 a month.

You get all of the features included in the $29 plan, plus access to email marketing tools, sales funnels, and discount codes.

Upsells, payment plans, affiliate commissions, and pixel tracking are also included, ensuring you have a comprehensive toolkit for maximizing your sales.

The annual rate for Creator Pro is $948, which can be a financially savvy move if you are 100% sure that Stan Store is the platform you are building your online business around.

It’s worth mentioning that regardless of the monthly or annual payment plan, there are no additional platform fees. Meaning Stan Store doesn’t take a cut of your sales.

This pricing model makes Stan Store an appealing platform, as every sale you make contributes directly to your bottom line without the deduction of additional platform fees.

What Can You Do With Stan Store?

Below, I’ve highlighted some of Stan Store’s features that truly stand out to me.

These tools have the ability to positively impact the way you manage and monetize your digital content while also significantly improving how you connect with your audience.

what can you do with stan store

Sell a Digital Download

Imagine seamlessly selling your digital products like ebooks and templates right from your social media profile.

With Stan Store, you just create a high-converting checkout page, set your price, upload your product, and you’re set to start making sales.

It’s swift, and it’s simple.

Calendar Booking

Forget paying extra for scheduling apps.

Stan Store incorporates calendar booking into its platform, meaning you can link to your calendar and integrate with your Zoom account for fully automated booking.

And it’s all included with the basic tier subscription.

Monthly Membership Group

Moving your monthly membership to Stan Store? Good call.

Here, you can roll out a membership with an e-course option or use the Recurring Membership Feature for other premium content.

Plus, all of it seamlessly connects to your products via an external link, simplifying the user journey and enhancing their experience.

Host a Webinar

Hosting engaging webinars is effortless on Stan Store.

Integrate with tools like Zoom and Gmail, and manage your coaching sessions or live events while you sleep.

Auto-generated calendar invites handle the admin, so you don’t have to.

Order Bumps

Here’s a way to boost sales effortlessly: Order bumps.

Stan Store’s checkout process includes the option to entice customers with a one-time offer, potentially increasing your sales by a significant margin.

It’s smart, it’s effective, and it’s built-in.

How to Setup Your Stan Store

how to setup a stan store

Setting up your Stan Store is a very quick and painless process.

In less than a half hour you can go from a blank slate to having your first product, like a 1:1 Strategy session, ready for customers to book.

Your initial step involves answering questions about your business or niche. This foundational information helps tailor your Stan Store to your specific audience.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, the possibility of adding products to your store becomes available.

It’s as simple as clicking Add a product for you to begin populating your storefront with offers that resonate with your target market.

The Stan Store dashboard is where the real magic happens.

It provides insights into daily click-throughs, allowing for on-the-spot optimizations and iterations for better performance. The interface is designed for ease, utilizing a drag-and-drop builder to ensure your store maintains a professional and modern appearance.

A separate page dedicated to income tracks everything from product sales to email sign-ups and appointments. For those on the Creator Pro tier, additional metrics such as email flows are visible.

This organized, transparent approach to analytics ensures you stay informed and can make data-driven decisions to boost your sales.

Remember, these powerful tools and the ease of use that Stan Store provides are geared toward helping you sell more effectively.

The clean layout isn’t just for looks—it’s about functionality, giving you the numbers you need to enhance your business without overwhelming you.

Stan Store Alternatives

While numerous platforms offer the promise of seamless integration and monetization capabilities, Stan Store emerges as a top option with its distinctive features tailored specifically for social content creators.

This section delves into a comparative analysis of Stan Store against other key players in the market. 

Stan Store vs Linktree

The distinct difference between Stan Store and Linktree lies in their core offerings.

Stan Store is about empowering creators with a platform to actively sell and manage digital products and services, providing a more direct avenue for monetization.

Linktree, while beneficial for directing traffic to multiple destinations, serves more as a digital business card than a marketplace, making it a complementary tool rather than a direct competitor in the e-commerce space.

Stan Store vs Shopify

The debate between Stan Store vs Shopify mostly comes down to the scale of a user’s e-commerce business.

Stan Store is dedicated to providing content creators, influencers, and digital entrepreneurs with a seamless way to monetize their social media presence. Its value proposition is offering a streamlined and integrated e-commerce solution.

Shopify, in contrast, serves a wider range of users, including those with physical products, by offering a comprehensive platform for building independent online stores.

Its setup is more suited for traditional online retail operations rather than directly integrating with content creators’ social media activities.

Stan Store Review: Final Thoughts…

Whether you’re enticed by the prospect of retaining all your sales revenue or intrigued by the simplicity of setting up your digital storefront, Stan Store warrants consideration.

For those ready to embark on this journey, a free 14-day trial awaits.

Will Stan Store help you to make more money from your social media accounts? There’s only one way to find out.

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