Starter Story Review (Is it Worth the Subscription Price?) [2023]

starter story review

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As someone who loves to read about other people’s businesses, I’ve always gravitated to sites that provide income reports and case studies.

The problem is that most of these sites are based on blogging and niche site businesses. Don’t get me wrong…I love reading about content sites, but since it’s what I already do for a living, it can get a bit boring.

Then one day I was laying in bed, mindlessly zombie scrolling on my phone, and came across a site called Starter Story. I signed up and was instantly hooked!

In this in-depth Starter Story review, I’m going to give you my honest assessment of the platform and let you know whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Starter Story Review: Up Front Recommendation

I personally subscribe to Starter Story and have learned a lot from reading their case studies and business ideas, so I am more than qualified to give an unbiased review of this platform

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur searching for high-level advice and motivation to create your own internet business, look no further.

πŸ† Editor’s Choice

Starter Story

Overall Score: 5.0


Starter Story is a must-have subscription for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs. Paid access to their vetted case studies and business ideas database is inexpensive compared to the value it provides.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What is Starter Story?

Starter Story is a well-known website for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs that shares success stories and helpful tips about making money.

starter story homepage

With over 4300 real case studies and 8000 business ideas, Starter Story is a one-stop shop for people who are looking to learn how other business owners became successful.

Their database is by far the largest on the Internet and is really a first-of-its-kind knowledgebase of successful businesses.

Who is the Founder of Starter Story?

The founder of Starter Story is a serial entrepreneur by the name of Pat Walls.

pat walls starter story linkedin

In an interview with Pat, he stated that Starter Story was the result of a failed business that he started with a couple of friends.

After the failure, he decided to build a business as a solo founder, and eventually, the idea of Starter Story was born.

Starter Story Features

Starter Story is built around three core features, and each of them overdelivers from a quality and execution standpoint.

Case Studies

The main selling point of Starter Story is its database of 4346+ founder case studies.

These case studies are really just super in-depth interviews with each founder or team.

starter story case study filter

Some examples of questions that are asked in these interviews are:

  • How did you come up with the idea for the business?
  • How did you build the product?
  • How did you launch the business?
  • How have you grown the business since its launch?
  • What do your financials look like?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • What tools do you use/recommend?
  • What books & podcasts do you recommend?
  • What is your advice for other founders/entrepreneurs?
  • Are you currently hiring for any positions?

The beauty of Starter Story is that you can search and filter through these case studies however you please.

Some of the filters you can apply to the database are:

  • Revenue
  • Business Type
  • Idea
  • Category
  • Country
  • Continent
  • Started at
  • Growth Method
  • Founders
  • Employees
  • Funding
  • Monetization
  • Social Followers

Business Ideas

The case studies are my favorite feature of Starter Story, but the business ideas are a very close second.

If you are looking for a broad business idea to start your own business around, there isn’t a better database available.

starter story business ideas

You can search, sort, and filter over 8571 business ideas using the following data points:

  • Category
  • Potential Revenue
  • Time to Revenue
  • Minimum Hours per Week

Growth Ideas

If all of the above features weren’t enough, Starter Story also has a database of 200 growth/marketing ideas for any business!

starter story growth ideas

You can search and filter the growth ideas database using the following criteria:

  • Topic
  • Cost
  • Difficulty
  • Result

Is Starter Story Free?

Starter Story no longer offers a free account. However, they do offer a 7-day trial for only $1!

starter story 7 day $1 trial signup

When you start the signup process you are only required to enter your email address (they don’t even ask for a first name).

Once you give Starter Story an email address, you are added to their weekly email newsletter and directed to the $1 trial offer.

After you submit payment for the trial, you will have 7 full days to explore the Starter Story platform…completely unrestricted!

*Unless you cancel your account before the 7-day trial is over you will be charged $348 for one year of the Starter Plan.

How Much Does Starter Story Cost?

If you want full access to the Starter Story platform, you need to sign up for one of the paid plans.

*Keep in mind that all of the Starter Story pricing plans are billed annually.

starter story pricing

Explore Plan ($17/month)

When you sign up for the Explore plan you get:

  • Unlock 4346+ case studies
  • Filter & Search the case study database

The Explore plan is perfect for subscribers who just want to read the case studies and nothing more.

Starter Plan ($29/month)

When you sign up for the Starter plan you get:

  • Everything in the Explore plan
  • Access to 8571+ business ideas
  • Unlock 200+ growth playbooks
  • $50k+ in deals on tools

The Starter plan is best suited for subscribers who want access to all of the data Starter Story makes available.

Founder Plan ($100/month)

When you sign up for the Founder plan you get:

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • 1 on 1 mentorship for your business
  • Secured spot in the Campfire 5-week accelerator ($750 value)
  • Get the Lean SEO course ($250 value)

The Founder plan is for the serious entrepreneur who is looking to jumpstart the business immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding Starter Story pricing and subscription plans that weren’t already covered in this review? Please read the section below πŸ‘‡

Does Starter Story Offer a Free Trial?

No, Starter Story does not offer any type of free trial, however, you can sign up for their generous $1 trial and get full access to the platform for a week.

Does Starter Story Have a Monthly Plan Available?

No, Starter Story does not have a monthly plan available. If you want to sign up for the platform you must pay a year in advance.

Does Starter Story Have a Lifetime Deal (LTD)?

No, Starter Story doesn’t currently have any type of lifetime deal available.

If one becomes available in the future, I will make a change to this post to reflect that.

How Do I Cancel My Starter Story Subscription?

It’s easy to cancel your Starter Story subscription directly from the user dashboard. Click the Subscription button and choose Cancel Subscription. After canceling your Starter Story subscription, you will still have full access to premium content until the end of your billing cycle.

Is Starter Story Worth It?

You’ve made it this far into the review and are probably wondering if Starter Story is worth the money.

With the price of Starter Story being so low, it’s a no-brainer to give it a shot.

You get thousands of case studies, business ideas, and growth hacks for just dollars per day

So, is it worthwhile to invest in Starter Story? Yes, Starter Story is worth it as it provides an immense source of valuable information for a very low price.

Starter Story Review: The Final Verdict

In conclusion, Starter Story is an excellent resource for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs.

It is a very affordable platform, and the development team has made it very easy to search and filter the data for every situation.

Since it costs nothing other than your email address to sign up and browse Starter Story for a limited time, I recommend that if you are at the end of this review and haven’t already done so, you should sign up for 7-day trial.

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