QuillBot Review (Is it the Best AI Paraphrasing Tool?) [2024]

quillbot review

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This hands-on QuillBot review provides all the information you need to determine if this AI writing tool aligns with your specific needs as a marketer. Keep reading to discover how this AI writing assistant can make your work easier…


  • QuillBot’s paraphrasing capabilities are the best in class according to user reviews. It can rewrite entire articles in seconds while preserving meaning.
  • For bloggers, marketers, students, and professionals, QuillBot streamlines writing workflows and boosts productivity.
  • QuillBot integrates helpful writing features like grammar checking, text analytics, web search, and citations.
  • The Premium plan unlocks unlimited paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, summarizing, and advanced features starting at $8.33/month.

What if an AI writing assistant could help rewrite your content as quickly as you can think of ideas?

For content creators drowning in writing tasks, a tool like QuillBot sounds too good to be true. This paraphrasing software promises to rewrite entire articles in just seconds with the click of a button.

But can you really trust an AI marketing robot to remix your writing without plagiarizing or creating incomprehensible gibberish?

Understanding what this automated rewriting software can (and can’t) deliver is important for anyone who regularly writes content online.

QuillBot Review: Upfront Recommendation

I’m a subscriber to the QuillBot Premium plan and have utilized it in my content publishing workflow for almost a year, so I am more than qualified to give an unbiased review of this tool.

quillbot subscription proof

Note: While QuillBot has many other applications, such as writing academic papers, this review will ONLY focus on how it can help bloggers and content marketers.

So what’s my recommendation?

Whether you write online for a living, as a side hustle, or just for fun, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the QuillBot Premium plan.

It will cost you less than $9 per month, and your readers (and wallet) will thank you!

Learn More…

Check out this post about whether QuillBot can pass AI detection

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI-powered writing tool.

Its primary function is as a paraphrasing tool that employs artificial intelligence to reword your writing in a variety of styles.

In addition to paraphrasing, QuillBot includes a thesaurus, grammar checker, translator, and summarization tool that will help improve your writing.

🏆 Editor’s Choice


Overall Score: 4.6

QuillBot is my favorite AI tool for paraphrasing my writing and making it more polished and readable.


  • Can try before you buy (FREE Forever Plan)
  • Simple to navigate user interface
  • Compatible with WordPress editor
  • Using custom modes gives excellent output
  • Inexpensive (Premium plans start at $8.33 when paid annually)


  • Free plan is severely limited by the number of words and features
  • Often have to toggle between paraphrasing modes to get the best output
  • QuillBot doesn’t always pass AI detection tools (if you care)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Who is QuillBot For?

QuillBot is an invaluable tool for a wide range of users looking to enhance and optimize their written content.

Here are some of the main audiences that can greatly benefit from QuillBot’s state-of-the-art paraphrasing capabilities:

Bloggers/Content Marketers

Bloggers can use QuillBot to rewrite and expand on existing content, saving time while optimizing it for organic reach and conversions.

Small Businesses Owners

QuillBot is invaluable for small business owners who regularly need to produce written content. It helps generate original phrasing for website copy, product descriptions, thought leadership articles, and other business collateral.

Social Media Marketers

QuillBot allows social media marketers to easily repurpose and expand on content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn.

SEO Professionals

Search engine optimization specialists can use QuillBot to rapidly produce fresh, new pages of content while preserving the core message and meaning.

This allows them to expand their websites and blogs while avoiding duplicate content penalties.

Email Marketers

Email marketers use QuillBot to test different variations of email sequences, subject lines, and promotions to increase open and clickthrough rates.

Non-Native English Speakers

For those who do not have English as their first language, QuillBot makes paraphrasing in English much easier and more efficient.

It helps non-native speakers rewrite text to sound more natural in English, improving overall language proficiency.

The fact of the matter is that QuillBot is useful for virtually anyone who regularly writes or publishes content.

It takes your writing to the next level through AI-powered paraphrasing.

QuillBot Reviews and Online Reputation

With a user base of over 20 million monthly users, QuillBot has cemented itself as one of the top AI writing assistants available.

But does its popularity mean QuillBot is actually a good platform?

To find out, I dug through hundreds of online user reviews to determine what the average user thinks about QuillBot.

When evaluating a software product, the first place I look is Capterra.

QuillBot has an excellent Capterra rating of 4.6 stars and 127 reviews.

Quillbot Capterra Review

Below is one of the most helpful verified reviews I could find:

verified user review of QuillBot

The verified reviewer, Desmond, rates QuillBot 5 stars with a 100% likelihood of recommending it to colleagues.

He details that the main strength of QuillBot is its paraphrasing capabilities, which falls in line with the majority of other QuillBot reviews I read.

Here’s one of the few recent negative reviews I could find:

negative review of QuillBot

The first thing that stands out to me when looking at this negative review is that the reviewer is not verified.

Refioe also rates QuillBot poorly, but in his comments, he states, “My experience with A.I. (QuillBot) is truly pleasant…”

His problem isn’t with QuillBot, as he states later in the review, “I don’t like how other people are illegally using it…”

It’s my opinion that Refioe miscommunicated his feelings towards QuillBot with his feelings about AI’s role in the plagiarism of written work online.

So after reading hundreds of user reviews, what do I think the overall consensus surrounding QuillBot’s reputation is?

QuillBot has nearly 5-star ratings on all major trust websites and thousands of positive reviews. I believe that the majority of users have an overwhelmingly positive experience when purchasing QuillBot.

Now that you have read my overall opinion of QuillBot as well as some of the opinions of other users, it’s time to talk about all of its top features (and how they will help you write better).

QuillBot Features

QuillBot provides a robust set of AI-powered writing capabilities to enhance your content.

Let’s dive deeper into the key features…

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is the cornerstone of QuillBot.

This feature analyzes your text and rewrites it using advanced NLP techniques while maintaining semantic meaning.

quillbot paraphraser

QuillBot offers 9 different paraphrasing modes to match your needs:

  1. Standard (Free) – Rephrases text while balancing readability and preservation of meaning
  2. Fluency (Free) – Focuses on improving the flow and clarity of the text by enhancing grammar and structure
  3. Formal (Premium) – Paraphrases text in a professional, business tone ideal for official documents
  4. Academic (Premium) – Rewrites academic text in a more scholarly way
  5. Creative (Premium) – Aims to rephrase text more uniquely by using a wider variety of vocabulary and sentence structures
  6. Simple (Premium) – Makes the output easier to read and understand by simplifying complex constructions
  7. Expand (Premium) – Adds relevant details and explanations to make the content more comprehensive
  8. Shorten (Premium) – Summarizes text concisely while retaining key information
  9. Custom (Premium) – Uses advanced AI technology to let you choose what you “want your text to sound like”


QuillBot’s co-writer is an all-in-one online writing tool that combines QuillBot’s state-of-the-art AI capabilities like paraphrasing, summarizing, and grammar checking with helpful writing features like notes, web research, citations, analytics, and more.

Essentially, QuillBot’s co-writer provides a suite of AI writing tools in one place.

It’s a next-generation word processor enhanced by powerful AI.

quillbot co-writer

Here are some of the key features that make QuillBot’s AI co-writer such a useful writing assistant:

  • AI-Powered Paraphrasing: Can paraphrase sentences or entire documents with one click while maintaining the original formatting. This helps you reword content without plagiarizing.
  • Summarizer: The summarizer feature allows you to summarize longer text into concise overviews. Perfect for condensing research.
  • Web Search: Has a built-in web search engine so you can research topics and insert information without leaving the writing space.
  • Automatic Citations: Any content inserted from the web search is automatically cited. No more hunting for citation formats!
  • Write Assist: This AI tool helps complete your sentences with relevant suggestions based on the context. Great for overcoming writer’s block.
  • Grammar Checker: Advanced AI reviews your writing and provides corrections for grammar, punctuation, and style.
  • Text Analytics: Keep track of word count, reading level, time to read, and other useful metrics.
  • Notes: Jot down ideas, sections to rework, sources to cite, and more using the intuitive notes feature.

By combining all these tools in one platform, QuillBot’s AI co-writer allows you to streamline your entire writing process without constantly switching between apps and tabs.

Give QuillBot’s co-writer a try today and supercharge your writing! It’s free to start!


Need to grasp the key points of a long text quickly?

QuillBot Summarizer is an AI-powered online tool that condenses articles, papers, documents, or other long-form text into brief summaries.

It uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text and identify the most important sentences and key information.

QuillBot’s Summarizer removes repetitive or unnecessary content to create concise overviews, preserving the original context.

The summarizer works instantaneously to provide summaries in just seconds. This allows you to quickly understand the core content of lengthy texts without having to read everything in full.

quillbot summarizer

Here are some of the key features that make QuillBot Summarizer so useful:

  • Two summary formats: Key Sentences and Paragraph. Choose the output style that best fits your needs.
  • Adjustable summary length: Easily control how long or short you want the summary to be.
  • Handles any text: Summarize news articles, research papers, essays, reports, and more.
  • Retains original context: The summarizer identifies and condenses the most salient points while maintaining the original meaning.
  • Completely free: Enjoy unlimited summarization with no ads or limits.

You can adjust the compression rate from 10% to 60% of the original length. It also lets you highlight key sentences to be included in the summary.

QuillBot’s summarizer can help you work smarter by giving you the essence of any text in seconds, helping you boost productivity and learn more in less time.

Grammar Checker

QuillBot Grammar Checker is an advanced AI-powered online tool that reviews your writing to fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

It uses natural language processing to analyze your text and suggest corrections for everything from subject-verb agreement to comma usage.

The grammar checker works instantaneously to help you perfect documents in seconds.

QuillBot Grammar Checker

Here are some of the key features:

  • Detects grammatical errors Finds issues with grammar like tense, articles, prepositions etc.
  • Catches spelling mistakes: Identifies misspellings and typos for common and complex words
  • Fixes punctuation: Checks for proper comma, period, colon, semicolon usage
  • Works instantly: Provides real-time feedback as you write with no wait times
  • Supports all dialects: Works for US, UK, Canadian, and Australian English
  • Completely free: Enjoy unlimited grammar checks with no limits

No matter your skill level, QuillBot can help make your writing clearer, more concise, and eloquent

Plagiarism Checker

Are you worried your writing might contain plagiarized content?

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker is an advanced AI-powered tool that scans your documents to check for plagiarized or uncredited content.

It compares your text against billions of online sources, published works, and academic papers to identify any passages that may require proper attribution.

The checker identifies instances of plagiarism and generates an extensive report on the document’s similarities to other works.

quillbot Plagiarism Checker

Key Features of the Plagiarism Checker:

  • Compares against billions of web pages and published works to detect duplicated text
  • Provides a quick and accurate plagiarism report with highlights and percentages
  • Supports over 100 languages including English, Spanish, French, German etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your writing workflow
  • Available through affordable Premium plans

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker helps you:

  • Identify any accidental plagiarism issues before submitting work
  • Ensure you properly cite and attribute any borrowed ideas or wording
  • Learn what sections may require additional paraphrasing to avoid duplication
  • Become a more ethical and responsible writer
  • Avoid serious consequences associated with plagiarism

QuillBot’s plagiarism checker is an invaluable tool for maintaining integrity and protecting your reputation.

Give it a try today! QuillBot Premium plans unlock the full potential of the plagiarism checker.


Need to translate text quickly and accurately?

QuillBot Translator is an advanced AI-powered online tool that translates text between 45 different languages.

It uses state-of-the-art machine learning to analyze sentences and translate them while preserving the original meaning and context. The translations are generated instantly to facilitate seamless communication.

quillbot translator

Key Features of the Translator:

  • Supports 45 languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese etc.
  • Translates instantly with no wait times
  • Preserves meaning and context of original text
  • Easy-to-use interface requires no downloads
  • Completely free to use with no limits
  • Uses cutting-edge AI for accurate translations

QuillBot Translator enables you to:

  • Communicate when traveling abroad or interacting with non-native speakers
  • Understand foreign research papers, articles, books etc.
  • Help others translate documents into multiple languages
  • Aid in language learning by comparing translations side-by-side
  • Quickly translate any text snippets while writing

For marketers, travelers, and language learners, QuillBot Translator makes it fast and easy to translate text on the fly.

QuillBot provides 100% free translation using cutting-edge AI.

Does QuillBot Have a Free Trial?

No, while QuillBot doesn’t offer a free trial for their premium plan, they do have a totally free forever plan that you can sign up for.

The free plan will give you a sense of the platform’s quality, even though you can only utilize a limited number of tools and face a lot of restrictions.

If you do decide to subscribe to the premium plan, QuillBot offers a 3-day period during which you can use all of their features and request a refund if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

QuillBot Pricing & Plans

If you’ve used QuillBot’s free paraphrasing and summarizing tools, you know how helpful they can be.

In this section, I’ll compare QuillBot’s plans so you can decide which one is best for your situation.

Free Plan

QuillBot offers a functional free paraphrasing and summarizing tool, however, its capabilities are significantly restricted in contrast to those of the Premium plan.

Here are the main restrictions on the free version:

Strict Word Limits

The free Paraphraser is capped at just 125 words per day.

Similarly, the Summarizer is limited to 1,200 words. For anything longer, you’ll hit a dead end.

This makes it very difficult to rewrite research papers, essays, articles, and other lengthy content.

Fewer Paraphrasing Options

The free plan only provides QuillBot’s Standard and Fluency paraphrasing modes.

You don’t get access to the Custom mode or Advanced settings that give you granular control over rewriting.

The paraphrasing options are very basic without Premium.

No Plagiarism Checking

QuillBot’s plagiarism checker isn’t available in the free version.

You won’t be able to scan your paraphrased content to ensure you’ve sufficiently rewritten it in your own words.

Avoiding unintentional plagiarism is difficult without this feature.

No Sentence Rewriting

QuillBot can completely rewrite sentences with one click, but only with Premium.

The free version just paraphrases phrase by phrase.

Without the Premium plan, you miss out on potentially huge time savings from full-sentence rewriting.

No Tone Adjustment

QuillBot Premium lets you adjust the tone and formality of rewritten text. But with the free version, you’re stuck with the tone of the original.

Flexibly adapting tone for different audiences isn’t possible.

As you can see, QuillBot’s free plan leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll constantly bump up against limits unless you upgrade to unlock the full suite of AI writing tools.

For unlimited paraphrasing power and control, Premium is a must.

Premium Plan ($8.33 per month when paid annually)

Quillbot’s Premium Plan unlocks the full power of this AI-powered writing assistant.

quillbot premium plan pricing

If you find yourself hitting limits with the free version, upgrading to Premium gives you unlimited access to all of QuillBot’s top features:

  • Unlimited words in Paraphraser
  • Unlimited Custom and 8 predefined modes
  • Full use of Synonym Slider
  • Unlimited Freeze Words
  • 6,000 words in Summarizer
  • Faster processing speed
  • Recommended Rewrites
  • Compare Modes
  • Plagiarism Checker (20 pages/month)
  • Tone insights
  • Paraphraser History

With Premium, you can rewrite, refine, and rework documents of any size. The advanced features help you fine-tune your paraphrasing while maintaining the original meaning.

Whether you’re a student trying to reword an essay, a professional crafting business content, or a marketer promoting your brand, QuillBot Premium has you covered. Its AI learns your writing style to deliver suggestions tailored to you.

The days of hitting a usage limit or losing your work are over. QuillBot Premium enables unlimited paraphrasing power with pre-trained language models.

While the free tools are nice for basic use, serious writers need QuillBot Premium. Stop worrying about daily caps. Sign up for unlimited AI-powered writing assistance today!

Is Upgrading to QuillBot Premium Worth It?

Yes, upgrading to the QuillBot Premium plan is totally worth it!

For less than $100 per year, you can seriously upgrade the quality of your writing.

To put it into perspective, I would happily pay 3x this amount for all of the time and energy QuillBot saves me.

Once you use QuillBot you will never want to write without it again!

Best QuillBot Alternatives

There are plenty of different companies competing in the AI writing tools space.

QuillBot is a great option, but this wouldn’t be an honest review without highlighting some of the top QuillBot alternatives as well.


wordtune logo

Wordtune is an AI-powered text rewriting and paraphrasing tool. It rewrites phrases and paragraphs using natural language processing while keeping their original meaning.

The main features include paraphrasing text in different tones like casual or formal, shortening or expanding sentences, and suggesting alternative words and phrasings.

While Wordtune can effectively rewrite text, its high price of $24.99/month and limited features make other AI writing assistants like Grammarly and QuillBot better options for most users.

Wordtune is best suited for people who specifically need an AI sentence rewriter and nothing else.


wordai logo

WordAI is another AI tool that is well-known for its ability to rewrite sentences.

One of its standout features is its ability to avoid AI detection, meaning it can transform the text to mirror a human-like style.

In addition to sentence restructuring, WordAI provides the option of bulk rewriting, which is beneficial when handling large volumes of content.

For developers, the tool offers API integration, giving them the flexibility to incorporate WordAI features into their applications or platforms.

If passing AI detectors is important to you, WordAI is a tool you should consider.


cleverspinner logo

CleverSpinner is an AI-powered tool that rewrites content to make it unique and bypass plagiarism detection tools like Copyscape or CopyLeaks.

Its output is 100% original and restructured to look different from the source, providing a human-like quality with correct grammar, synonyms and spelling.

It also offers changes in sentence structure and switches between active and passive voice to provide variety.

CleverSpinner is ideal for SEO professionals, digital marketers, bloggers, and content writers who need to rapidly create unique, high-quality content while avoiding plagiarism issues.

Is QuillBot Worth It?

If you’ve made it this far into the review, you are probably wondering if QuillBot is worth the money.

QuillBot has been a part of my workflow for about a year, and I’ve tried all of the alternatives and still stick with it.

For less than $9 per month when paid annually, you get a suite of writing tools that rivals any other AI writing assistant.

In fact, I’d easily pay $20-30 per month for QuillBot.

So, is QuillBot worth it? In my opinion, yes.

It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution for anyone looking to improve their writing, and it Paraphraser tool is best in class.

The fact that it costs so little is pretty much the icing on the cake.

QuillBot Review: The Final Verdict

Summing up, QuillBot is a high-quality, cost-effective AI writing assistant that’s invaluable for anyone frequently producing written content.

So, are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Start your journey towards superior content creation by signing up for a free QuillBot account today.

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