Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO: Which is the Best On-Page SEO Tool [2023]

Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO

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In the world of SEO, there’s a funny saying: “If you ever need to hide a dead body, use the second page in Google’s search result, no one will find it!”

Less than 1% of all clicks go to any search result on page 2….so it’s worthwhile to optimize all of your content for the best chance of that coveted #1 search ranking.

So, today we are going to take a look at two of the best SEO content optimization tools and evaluate Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO to see which one may be right for your situation.

The Bottom Line Up Front…

page optimizer pro review
Page Optimizer Pro
Best budget on-page SEO content tool
Unlimited reports available
7-day FREE trial
Not as polished as some competitors
Surfer SEO
Best in class on-page SEO content tool
Most powerful A.I. recommendations
30-day risk-free guarantee
Maybe too expensive for a hobby site owner

About the Products

Before we get into the features, benefits, and pricing let’s take a quick look at the background of each product.

Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro (also known as POP) is the creation of superstar SEO Kyle Roof.

Kyle has taken his US Patented SEO testing technique and rolled it in the core algorithm of Page Optimizer Pro.

There are very few people more respected in the SEO testing community than Kyle, so there should be no doubt that POP is going to yield massive results for your SEO campaigns.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO (more commonly referred to as just Surfer) was built by Slawek Czajkowski in 2008 for his agency.

The product has evolved over the years, and currently, Surfer SEO is headed by Michal Suski.

Surfer SEO is one of the most well-known brands in the SEO tool space, and they have a reputation for underpromising and overdelivering.

Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO: What features do they offer?

Most on-page optimization tools come with the same standard features, but these two tools boast some of the most advanced features currently available.

Let’s take a deep dive into each product…

Page Optimizer Pro Features

Page Optimizer Pro comes with all of the core features that you would expect from a content optimization tool.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Edit in WordPress or Google Docs
  • Secret Key Access
  • Advanced Content Editor
  • Page Structure Suggestions
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Exact Keyword Recommendations
  • LSI Terms
  • Schema Optimization Recommendations
  • Target Word Count
  • Automatic Competitor Search
  • Supports 61 Languages

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If you purchase the Agency plan you get additional features like subaccounts, bulk project submission, and white label reporting.

Page Optimizer Pro has more than enough features for both novice and experienced SEOs to see substantial ranking increases.

Surfer SEO Features

When it comes to the on-page SEO optimization tool with the most advanced features, Surfer SEO wins hands down.

Some of these advanced features include:

  • Content Planner
  • AI Outline Creator
  • Advanced Content Editor
  • Audits Existing Pages
  • Google & Proprietary NLP Analysis
  • Surfer Academy Live Training
  • Official Surfer Certification

One of the best features of being a Surfer SEO subscriber is that they frequently do live training seminars to help you get the most out of their product.

They also have a library of courses and past training sessions that you can access so you can learn more about not only Surfer but SEO and content writing in general.

If you are serious about making a living creating content, then this type of guidance is valuable enough to justify the subscription alone.

Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO: How much do they cost?

Now that you know all of the features included in each product, let’s talk about how much they cost.

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing

POP is by far the more inexpensive of the two products with plans starting at just $22 per month.

The best Page Optimizer Pro plan for the money is the $44 per month Unlimited plan.

page optimizer pro pricing

When you subscribe to the Unlimited plan you get:

  • Unlimited Monthly Reports
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Secret Key Access

If you are a large publisher or agency that deals with multiple writers/teams there is the option for an agency plan as well.

The Agency plans all come with unlimited monthly reports, and are priced based on how many subaccounts you need.

For $87 per month, you get up to 5 subaccounts for your staff and contractors to use.

page optimizer pro agency plans

Agency plans also come with some more advanced features that aren’t included in the single-user plans. These include:

  • Excel Bulk Project Submission
  • Google NLP Analysis
  • E-A-T Analysis
  • White Label PDF Reports

Even if you are a power user that needs all of the features of the Agency plan tier, it is still less expensive than the most popular Surfer SEO pricing plan.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO is the more established and well-known of the two brands, so they can certainly charge new subscribers a bit more.

Surfer’s pricing plans are pretty straightforward and all come with everything you need to start seeing immediate ranking increases for your content.

surfer seo pricing plan

There are 3 plans you can choose from when signing up for Surfer SEO:

  • Basic ($59 per month)
  • Pro ($119 per month)
  • Business ($239 per month)

The most popular plan is overwhelmingly the Pro plan. For $119 per month you get:

  • 30 Content Editors (Reports)
  • 60 Audits
  • Full NLP analysis
  • 3 Team Member Accounts

The Pro plan is a pretty decent value if you have a small portfolio of sites with a couple of writers/editors.

By purchasing the annual plan you save 17% which adds up to be a lot of extra money in your bank account over the course of your subscription.

Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO: The Final Showdown

Comparison Showdown
Page Optimizer Pro
Surfer SEO
Advanced FeaturesWhich has the best features?
Ease of UseWhich is easiest to learn?
DesignWhich has the best design?
SupportWhich has the best support?
PriceWhich is the lowest price?
ValueBest value?

So which one is the winner…

which one is the winner? PageOptimizer Pro or Surfer SEO

After evaluating both products and using them for my content marketing business I can say that there is no clear-cut winner.

Why you should choose Page Optimizer Pro

If you are new to SEO and need an affordable tool to help boost your visibility in Google search without breaking the bank, well you should give PageOptimizer Pro a spin.

It has all of the core features needed to properly optimize your content for Google search.

page optimizer pro review
Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro is an affordable alternative to Surfer SEO.

  • 7-day FREE Trial
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Best Value Optimization Tool
  • The UI isn’t very polished

Why you should choose Surfer SEO

If you are a seasoned marketer who wants all of the bells and whistles regardless of price, I would recommend you subscribe to Surfer SEO.

It really is the best-in-class content optimization tool available. There is no better alternative to Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the best in class on-page content optimization tool.

  • Beautiful UI (Easy to Use)
  • Content Planner
  • AI Outline Builder
  • Most will need $99+ per month plan

Page Optimizer Pro vs Surfer SEO Final Words..

POP’s generous 7-day free trial gives you plenty of time to run a few reports and see if you like the look and feel of its user interface.

After taking into account the various positives and negatives of each tool, I’ve come to the conclusion that Page Optimizer Pro is the best on-page optimization tool for a new or intermediate SEO looking to increase rankings in the SERPs for their own or client’s sites.

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