Who is Dave Guindon of Appbreed Software? [2024]

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If you are an internet marketer you may have come across a software developer by the name of Dave Guindon and his company Appbreed Software.

We have even written reviews about some of his top-selling software tools like Keyword Atlas, Tube Atlas, and Pin Inspector.

If you want to find out more about Dave Guindon, read our full write-up below.

Who is Dave Guindon?

Dave Guindon is a Canadian software developer from Victoria, British Columbia who also holds a B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria.

As of 2021 he is happily married to his wife Brandi, and they have 3 children and a dog.

Dave Guindon Family Portriat

His Linkedin profile states that he is the President of Innantech Industries Inc.

Dave Guindon Software Linkedin Profile

Innantech Industries Inc owns Appbreed Software which is the company Dave uses to release and distribute his internet marketing software.

AppBreed Software claims to provide internet marketing products, services, training, and software that are designed to accelerate your chances to be successful online.

What software has Dave Guindon released?

There are currently 11 pieces of software listed for purchase on the Appbreed website. This doesn’t mean that this is all of the software Dave Guindon has released, but only that is what is currently available.

Dave Guindon Appbreed Software

The software packages listed for sale are:

  • Pin Inspector (see full review)
  • Craft Inspector
  • Craft Niche Analyzer
  • Keyword Atlas (see full review)
  • Dropship Analyzer
  • Ali Inspector 2
  • Wish Inspector
  • Social Page Analyzer and Social Page Creator
  • Audience Analyzer and Social Post Browser
  • Fresh Title & Title Analyzer
  • Page Activator

How can you contact Dave Guindon?

If you have questions about the software that Dave Guindon has released you can contact him directly through a number of channels.

If you have already purchased a product from Appbreed Software, you can sign up for their community support forum which is hosted on Freshdesk.

Dave Guindon Appbreed Software Community Support Forum

Dave can also be reached via email at the following address: support@appbreed.com

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