Who is Aurelian Amacker of Systeme.io? [2023]

Who is Aurelian Amacker of Systeme.io featured

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  • Aurelian Amacker is the founder of Systeme.io, an all-in-one online marketing suite that generates over $400k per month.
  • He has a background as an online marketer, entrepreneur, and course creator. His first course made over €550k in the first 2 weeks.
  • Aurelian is considered one of the top full-stack marketers and SAAS founders in the online business space.
  • He actively uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sign up for a free Systeme.io account to get on his email list.

If you are into building landing pages and funnels for your business, you have probably come across content from Systeme.io creator Aurelian Amacker.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Aurelian Amacker, read our full write-up below.

Who is Aurelian Amacker?

Aurelian Amacker is an online marketer, serial entrepreneur, and founder of the all-in-one marketing suite Systeme.io

aurelian amacker linkedin bio

According to Aurelian’s LinkedIn profile, he speaks French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

He is French but currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal which is a haven for many online entrepreneurs.

Aurelian started out his marketing journey by building a personal development blog.

After seeing how much money people were making selling online courses, he decided to market his own “how to make money blogging” course.

Aurelian used a JV launch model to promote this course, and make a staggering 550,000 euros in the first 2 weeks alone!

Burnt out by the “course launch model”, he started focusing on the idea of building his own software..

The vision of recurring revenue, and creating a business with an actual valuation was intriguing to Aurelian.

Finally, in 2016, Aurelian landed on the idea of building a full marketing suite/funnel builder, and Systeme.io was born.

It took over a year to find the right development team, and then in 2018 Systeme.io was launched to the public.

Currently, Systeme.io generates over $400k per month in revenue!

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What is Aurelian Amacker best known for?

Aurelian is best known as the creator of the marketing software suite Systeme.io

Systeme.io Funnel Builder

But, he is also well known throughout the online marketing community as one of the top full-stack marketers in the world.

He is a marketer, course creator, content marketer, and coach as well as a SAAS business founder.

What products does Aurelian Amacker sell?

As a subscriber to his email list, I have an inside view of the products Aurelian is selling.

Right now Aurelian seems to be focused on 3 products:

  • Systeme.io
  • High ticket affiliate products
  • His own high ticket coaching service

How can you contact Aurelian Amacker?

The best way to contact Aurelian is directly through his social media accounts.

He is quite active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Also, if you want to see what he’s currently up to, you can get on his email list by signing up for a FREE Systeme.io account.

In conclusion…

Aurelian Amacker is one of the premier marketers in the world and is someone from who any online marketer could learn a lot.

His suite of marketing tools Systeme.io is a testament to his knowledge and commitment to helping others become as successful as he is.

If you are interested in making online marketing your career, Aurelian Amacker should be one of the first sources of education you look to on your journey.

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