Affiliatable Review and Complete Walkthrough [2024]

affiliatable review

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One of the easiest ways to increase how much money you are making from your site is to focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO).

By converting more of your existing traffic you will see an immediate impact on your affiliate earnings.

Some examples of on-page elements that will help increase conversion rates are:

  • Comparison Tables
  • Top 3 Boxes
  • Product Boxes
  • Pros/Cons Boxes
  • Vs. Boxes

Coding any of these elements by hand can be a daunting task, but thankfully there are a variety of tools available that make the process fairly painless.

🏆 Great Looking Product Displays

  • Free Trial: Lifetime
  • Paid Plans: From $9/month
  • Annual Discount: 10% off
  • Refund Policy: 7 Days

Overall Score: 4.8

Affiliatable is an affiliate toolkit that has everything you need to make beautiful comparison tables and boxes that get people to buy.

Paid plans begin at only $9 per month, and you can get started with by signing up for a FREE lifetime trial account.

What is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable is a SAAS-based solution that allows you to build beautiful and responsive tables and boxes quickly. They brand their product as an “All-In-One Affiliate Toolkit”.

affiliatable review

Affiliatable runs in the cloud so you don’t need to download any plugins. You simply build your element and add the HTML code wherever you want it displayed on your site.

The benefit of using HTML versus a plugin is that Affiliatable won’t slow down your site.

How Does Affiliatable Work?

Getting started with Affiliatable is rather simple. Once you set up an account you just need to copy a snippet of base code they provide and insert it into the header of the page(s) you want to place an element on.

Then just use their element builder interface to design whichever type of product element want.

You can customize all facets of any element including:

  • Theme Color
  • Title Tag (H1-H6)
  • Schema Type
  • Button Rel (nofollow, sponsored, ugc)
  • Open in New Window? (yes/no)
  • Multiple Buttons? (one or two buttons)
  • Button Text
  • Button Style (four styles to choose from)
  • Add Arrow Icon
  • Button Size (small, medium, large)
  • Button Color
  • Header Title

Additionally, if you have a paid plan you can choose from up to 8 different layout options depending on which element you choose (with the free account you only have a single layout option for each element).

Once the element looks and behaves the way you want, just copy the HTML code provided and paste it wherever you want it displayed on your page or post.

The process to build and place elements on your site are as follows:

1. Sign Up for an Affiliatable Account:

affiliatable free account sign up

2. Add Header Code

After you sign up for Affiliatable you need to add their base code to the header of your site.

A major pro to using Affiliatable is that we’ve found no noticeable effect on page loading speed when adding the base code to our pages. The same can’t be said for many of the other WordPress table plugins that we’ve tested.

affiliatable base code

3. Build your Elements

Once you have an Affiliatable account and your site setup with the base code, the last step is to start designing your elements.

You can either fill out the product details manually or connect your Amazon Associates account and search for a specific product directly in the element builder.

affiliatable build new element

Affiliatable Features

Affiliatable offers a number of features that will help any affiliate marketer design beautiful tables and boxes for their sites.

Amazon API Integration

One of the features that affiliate marketers will find most useful is how easily Affiliatable pulls Amazon product details into your elements.

📝 You need to already have access to the Amazon Product Advertising API.

When you set up a new site inside of Affiliatable you have the option to add your Amazon Associates ID and Product Advertising API Key.

affiliatable amazon api

Once you have added the API info you can search for any product on Amazon by its ASIN and it will automatically pull all of the product’s information into your element. However, if you want to manually override any of the information Amazon provides you have the option to do so at any time.

📝 Affiliatable offers Product Advertising API integration for the USA and 15 other regions.

Schema Optimized

Affiliatable features the option to automatically add review schema to the post on your site where the table or product box will be hosted.

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose “Enable Schema” for the element
  2. Add the URL of the page where the element will be displayed

It’s as simple as that!

affiliatable schema

Multiple CTA Buttons

A feature that many pro affiliate marketers will love is the ability to add a second CTA button to your products.

Amazon is the king when it comes to conversion rates, but they are the court jester when it comes to affiliate commission rates.

Giving buyers the option to purchase through Amazon or a different niche-specific retailer can often boost overall conversion rates as well as affiliate income.

Affiliatable allows you to customize each CTA button separately, so you can change the color, size, and style to your liking.

Affiliatable Tables/Product Boxes

Currently, there are 6 different types of elements that you can create. Each element has a number of different pre-built layouts that you can choose from.

📝 Affiliatable frequently adds new element and layout options.

Comparison Table

The Comparison Table is a staple for affiliate marketers. Affiliatable includes 8 pre-built Comparison Table layouts to choose from.

There is the option to rate products with a numerical or star rating, and you can add a feature title to each product (i.e. Top Pick, Best Value, Most Comfortable, etc.)

affiliatable comparison tables

Product Box

The Product Box is used when you are calling out a specific product. This type of element should be used throughout your affiliate content. Affiliatable includes 8 pre-built Product Box layouts to choose from.

All of the available options are the same as the Comparison Table, but additionally, there is a carousel Product Box layout that gives you the option to show up to 3 photos of the product.

affiliatable product box

Pros/Cons Box

The Pros/Cons Box is a great way to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. Affiliatable includes 7 pre-built Pros/Cons Box layouts to choose from.

For maximum conversions, choose a layout that works for the aesthetic of your site, and list at least 3 pros.

affiliatable pros/cons box

Top 3 Box

Many top affiliate sites are replacing their above-the-fold comparison table with the Top 3 Box CTA option. Affiliatable includes 4 pre-built Top 3 Box layouts to choose from.

A great example of how to use a Top 3 Box in your affiliate roundup posts can be found HERE.

affiliatable top 3 box

Rating Box

Displaying the various factors that helped you rate a specific product is helpful for converting visitors into clicks. Affiliatable includes 2 pre-built Rating Box layouts to choose from.

You can add the Rating Box directly underneath a Product Box to produce one large seamless element on your page.

affiliatable rating box

Versus Box

The latest element that Affiliatable has added to its toolkit is the Versus Box. Currently, there is only one pre-built Versus Box layout to choose from.

The Versus Box is a perfect addition for “X vs Y” review posts, as you can compare all of the different features of the two products.

affiliatable versus box

Affiliatable Pricing

There are currently 4 pricing tiers available for Affiliatable:

Free – One website, limited layout choices, regular support, no schema support

Pro Single ($49/yr) – One website, unlimited layout choices, priority support, schema optimized

Pro Plus ($149/yr) – Same as Pro Single but 5 websites

Pro Advance ($249/yr) – Same as Pro Plus but UNLIMITED websites

affiliatable pricing

Affiliatable LTD (Lifetime Deal)

If you are serious about building affiliate income-generating websites, then Affiliatable offers users the ability to purchase a lifetime deal.

By purchasing a lifetime deal instead of a yearly subscription, you can save a ton of money over the lifetime of your website(s).

You can purchase any of the four paid packages as a lifetime deal:

  • Pro Single – $299 one time
  • Pro Plus – $599 one time
  • Pro Advance $899 one time
affiliatable lifetime deal LTD

Affiliatable FAQ

Can you use Affiliatable on multiple sites?

If you purchase the Pro Plus or Pro Advance plan you can use Affiliatable on multiple sites.

Will Affiliatable work on non-WordPress sites?

Since you are simply adding HTML code to the site, any website should be able to display Affiliatable elements.

Does Affiliatable work with all affiliate programs?

Yes, all you have to do is add your affiliate tracking link to the appropriate CTA button.

What is the Affiliatable refund policy?

You have up to 48 hours after purchasing Affiliatable to request a refund.

In Conclusion

Because you can use Affiliatable on your portfolio of sites, it is one of the most cost-effective affiliate table builder options on the market.

The free version is extremely limited, and the included layouts are basic, so if you want to add eye-catching responsive CTA tables and boxes to your site, you should really buy one of the PRO plans.

  • Pros
  • Amazon API Integration
  • Inexpensive
  • Cloud-based Software
  • Constantly Adding New Features
  • Cons
  • With All of the Features the UI Can Seem a Bit Cluttered

I recommend that any niche site builder or blogger who is reviewing products, software, or digital goods try out Affiliatable.


  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for the detailed review. Was looking for a review about Affiliatable and came across this amazing guide. Can you please tell me which one would be good for a newbie, AAWP or Affiliatable? My preferences would be accessibility, fast loading and price.

    1. Hi Peter,

      I love AAWP but often I am promoting products from merchants other than Amazon, so in order to keep a uniform look to my site, I like to use Affiliatable.

      If you are strictly promoting Amazon Associates on a particular site AAWP is an awesome choice. It’s super easy to use and has a feature set that yields itself to Amazon affiliates.

      If you are only operating one site, the pricing is pretty close. Affiliatable is $39 per year and AAWP is $49. Once you start getting into running multiple sites Affilitable is the clear winner on pricing.

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